New Book Rotate Explores A Different Approach For Adapting To Change

CHARLESTON, S.C., March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Author Gráinne McNamara explores fresh ideas about how businesses – and individuals – can overcome the disruptions that change brings in her new book Rotate: How Five Innovative Women are Rewriting the Story of Business.

Too often, when change happens businesses focus too much on the problems rather than the solutions.

“Many companies have become addicted to disruption unawares— leaping from one crisis to the next,” McNamara writes. “In this way, they are victims of disruption in the same way an addict is a victim of their addiction. Disruption has created an overdependence on process – and a neglect of people and their well-being.”

Rotate, published by Advantage Books, introduces readers to an alternative way to approach transformation and a changing world, a concept McNamara calls “The Rotation.”

Here’s how she explains the idea: “A sustainable business strategy does not fight the wind, nor is it swept away by the wind. It responds based on what is observed and the desired outcome. By understanding these dynamic signals and the indicated response, insight is developed and value is created. I call this ‘The Rotation.’ It’s a philosophy of adapting to what’s happening in the real-time human experience, anchored in the urgency of the present. The Rotation means you make the right moves to build into the future based on the mission—whether it’s individual, community, or corporate.”

Rotate introduces the reader to those five women mentioned in the subtitle who are each making exceptional strides in specific skills. Dr. Cheryl Wood with the power of narrative, Katie Nowak with strategy, Swin Huang with human-centered design, Zino Haro in engineering, and Torin Darling Brazzle in building ecosystems. In the process of what they are doing, McNamara writes, they are experiencing The Rotation and are reaping the personal, social, and economic benefits it provides.

“I recognize that the concept of The Rotation is somewhat high level,” McNamara writes. “While it refers to the actions taken by an organization as a whole, it has extraordinary practical ramifications for the individuals within it. It starts with the individual, rotates to the larger community, and turns the entire organization.”

About Gráinne McNamara

Gráinne McNamara, author of Rotate: How Five Innovative Women are Rewriting the Story of Business, is an experienced strategist, writer, and leader in building businesses. She has experience in the corporate sector and in the non-profit board space, and has delivered large digital transformation programs at top-tier banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. She is pursuing an international doctorate and developing research on generative solutions in the context of the evolution of technology and the changing social contract.

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