FLUSH Publishing: Announces relaunched memoir autobiography entitled '?QuestionMark?' and Death Before Achievement audio zine

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ?QuestionMark? With a successful launch and critical acclaim at the Black Arts and Cultural Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, “?QuestionMark?” has made waves in the literary world. It received a thorough review from Jordan Kahle, a knowledgeable figure with a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree, who also penned an insightful piece about the author. Following this, Mathews was invited to participate in the Schomburg Center Literary Festival in New York and had the privilege of being part of the Printers Row Literary Fest in Chicago Illinois. Mathews states he is the only human being at the age of thirty six to publish a non-fiction book and own a publishing company in the United States. Reviewed by Jenny Shima, owner of the Literary Book store in Champaign, her review of ?QuestionMark? “This autobiography is an authentic expression of a very real life lived with all of its dynamism, conflict, and beauty. Its artful presentation combines text messages with poetry, photographs with prose, pointing to the inevitable coexistence of perceived polarities in the composition of experience. It is a truly unique piece that is deeply reflective of its author.” Mathews states “I AM a living example of the questions we ask are Self who we are and who we are trying to become, through lived organic experiences, generational trauma, and ultimately how to transpire to a state of peace?QuestionMark?” Recently launched Death Before Achievement audio zine is a multimedia collection of non-fiction spoken word and visual accompaniments that explores themes of death, struggle, addiction, mental health.

Death Before Achievement audio zine was reviewed by Steven Dinvero, Communities Chief at US Army “Man Mark! That was super emotional and deep. You made yourself very open, transparent, and vulnerable throughout. It was raw and pure. I feel like it was unique too, not like anything I’ve ever experienced. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was going through it and I liked that it was not linear, but flowed. It had a consistent theme where it exposed your heart posture and your intention to be there for people. You’ve always been there for people and have a one of a kind heart. It’s great to see you show the ways you’ve helped people and the way they have helped you in return. People need people. People need love. People need god.” Additionally, KEEP PACE’s values of community and leadership with the promotional method of experiential events. Mark L. Mathews, CEO of FLUSH Promotions has been involved in the Autism Speaks community as a brand ambassador and Team Captain in major cities such as Florida, Indy, Chicago, and Detroit for the past ten years. “I have a passion for mental health and growing as an individual,” states Mathews, “The issues we each face are filled with complexity, and they are not so easily captured under the boxed categories that society asks us to subscribe to. Oftentimes members of our society are overlooked or looked down upon by their issues without individuals fully understanding their story, or even asking about it. We believe instead that there is value in those very things that challenge us and give us difficulty because ultimately, they are what makes us the very person that we are today. KEEP PACE will flow organically through word of mouth and social media.”

Learn more at: www.questionmark.life

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