New Book Launch: Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist

Authored by Rabbi Dr. Paul Zeitz, Founder of #unify Movements and a member of Rabbis for Ceasefire

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In his new handbook, Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist, Dr. Zeitz shares stories, wisdom, and practices for your personal growth and our collective liberation.  Revolutionary Optimism is available to help you explore your life’s purpose and how to take love-centered actions with any group of friends, families, co-workers, spiritual communities, schools, civic groups, etc.

On Revolutionary Optimism, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) states:  “Certain periods in human history call for the revolutionary transformation of our social, economic, and political systems.  I believe  this is one of those times. Individuals seeking pathways to channel anger and frustration into love-centered activism are at the center of every justice-centered movement.

Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist is a sacred storehouse of wisdom destined to serve all of us on our journeys.  As torchbearers of love seeking illumination, we can draw upon the insights and principles of this book, discovering an indispensable roadmap for personal and global liberation: a clear, step-by-step guide—a timely remedy for the challenges confronting our world.”

On the War in Israel/Palestine, Rabbi Dr. Zeitz states:   “As Revolutionary Optimists, we must face the painful root cause of this intractable conflict—a tsunami of trauma, hate, and fear–that is drowning a sense of the common humanity of two peoples living on one land.  We must rise to spark a peaceful revolution to end this tragic violent war with a permanent ceasefire.  Peacemakers from all sides of this conflict can then manifest a new vision of peaceful co-existence, where people can build trust, heal, repair, and co-create a new reality.  We must ensure that peaceful protestors are met with a peaceful non-violent response by the police and military forces.”

About Rabbi Dr. Paul Zeitz: Rabbi Dr. Paul Zeitz is a preventive medicine physician, rabbi, epidemiologist, author, and award-winning champion of global justice and human rights. He has been on the front lines of the call for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel / Gaza War.  Last week, Dr. Zeitz joined Rabbis for Ceasefire  as they attempted to bring food aid into Gaza on April 26th at the Israel/Gaza Erez border crossing point. 

Ordained by Rabbi Shefa Gold as a Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) Rabbi in 2023, Dr. Zeitz has worked for decades as a love-centered policy expert and activist working to build justice movements to end global AIDS, COVID-19, and other pandemic threats, fighting the climate emergency, ending childhood sexual violence, and achieving racial and gender equity, reparative justice, constitutional renewal, and sustainable development.

Zeitz is the founder of, a movement-building platform dedicated to catalyzing new, social, economic, and political systems committed to our collective repair, justice, and peace.


“My life revolves around asking people, ‘What makes you optimistic?’ Revolutionary Optimism by Dr. Paul Zeitz embodies this quest, spotlighting the urgent need for beacons of optimism through the zeitgeist of pessimism and fear. Successful transformative change demands infectiously optimistic leadership. Cultivating the great leader’s magnetic optimism starts with simple yet powerful acts: a genuine smile, a warm hello and a boundless curiosity in others. These seemingly small gestures pave the way for a revolution rooted in love, positivity, deep connection and collaborative action.”

–Victor Perton, Chief Optimism Officer, The Centre for Optimism and author of Optimism: The How and Why

Revolutionary Optimism is a comprehensive and insightful approach to the kind of social change leadership so needed at this time. It offers inspiration as well as practical tools for how to live and lead by ‘being the change we want to see happen in the world.'”

–Robert Gass, Co-Founder, Rockwood Leadership Institute

“Revolutionary  Optimism is a powerful reminder that when we put love at the center, all things are possible.  

 –Daniela Ligiero, CEO, Together for Girls and Co-Founder of the Brave Movement 

Revolutionary Optimism is an amazing book. It gives hope and offers vision. It provides compelling stories of people, including Dr. Zeitz himself, coping with great difficulties and taking small steps every day to build a healthier, better world.  Well written and profound.  Don’t walk, run and get your copy. It can change your life.”

–Sheila Rubin and Bret Lyon, Co-Directors of the Center of the Healing Shame and co-authors of Embracing Shame

“So many of us are suffering with a sense of powerlessness, despair, cynicism and hopelessness about our world. By placing Love at the Center, Dr. Zeitz boldly guides us onto a path of healing into wholeness. He shows us that by tapping into the wellspring of love, we can be nurtured, healed, inspired and empowered.  Revolutionary Optimism is exactly the medicine that we need right now, showing us the practical yet profound way forward into a new world where compassion and justice reign, where the deepest yearnings of our collective heart can be realized.”

–Rabbi Shefa Gold, author of Are We There Yet? Travel as a Spiritual Practice

“Revolutionary Optimism is essential in providing a pathway for all activists. It bids us to a higher calling, no matter what cause we are fighting to change, it can only be done holistically and with love for self and others. All humans are interconnected, therefore all causes are, only when we unify, can we change the world. Thank you Paul for reminding us of our higher calling – Above all else, love your neighbor as yourself.”

–Dr. Tabitha Mpamira, Founder, Mutura Global Healing 

“Revolutionary Optimism is the book I have longed to read during these truly polarizing times. This book has shown me how to step in and address the injustices we face today—to see how every person and their actions matter.  I now understand the mechanics of how peaceful political action makes a difference. Dr. Paul is right–keeping love at the center of all we do is now more important than ever.”

–Kristine Carlson, co-author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books

“Dr. Paul Zeitz offers a deeply personal and inspiring blueprint around how we can embrace and further live out a commitment to Revolutionary Optimism.  With great vulnerability and deep insight, Paul draws upon his own journey as a physician, public health expert, and longtime human rights and peace activist to share practical wisdom on how we can pursue both personal and societal transformation that then transforms our communities and the world.”

–Reverend Adam Russell Taylor, President, Sojourners and author of A More Perfect Union: A New Vision for Building the Beloved Community


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