Leadership Development Manuals Featured in LibraryBub Selection for May

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CEO Lucas Miller writes in Entrepreneur of an appreciation that “while real-world experience is invaluable to gaining knowledge specific to a field… reading the right books can rapidly transform perception — and ultimately enhance ability to lead teams through even the most challenging circumstances”.  In his book How To Become an Effective Leader, Michael Brainard explores psychological and positive behavioral conditioning to produce a framework of eight disciplines for effective executive leadership. A Readers’ Favorite review of the book identifies it as “lesson-filled”, containing “many models leaders can utilize in various sectors to improve themselves and their teams”.

LibraryBub is an industry first. Established in 2015, it works in conjunction with all major libraries. It is dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries. The core commitment of the LibraryBub service is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. These books hold immense potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. Pulitzer laureate Viet Thanh Nguyen recalls the formative role of libraries when he was growing up. “As a young person in San Jose, I didn’t have any books in my house. My parents just didn’t have any books, and I didn’t have any money to buy books… I relied on the public library for all my reading material. The library was my entryway into the world. I couldn’t leave San Jose, but I could leave it through the library.” Librarians enable writers to make that kind of difference to people’s lives, and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska considers it a privilege to support them in that role.

Below is this month’s selection by category.



Not the Same Water by Karen Black ISBN: 978-0972444989


Biographies & Memoirs

Captain’s Logbook: escaping nine to five for 24/7 by John De Silva ISBN: 978-1637350560

Next Step: a predicted death defeated by love by Sandra Poppenga ISBN: 978-1637352502


Bridges to Leadership: vision, empowerment, strategy, people, action by Oded Agam ISBN: 978-1637351673

CIONET Cookbook No. 3: recipes for digital success by Hendrik Deckers and Roger Camrass ASIN: B0CZK1CXHZ

Deep Finance: corporate finance in the information age by Glenn Hopper ISBN: 978-1637351246

The Happy Leader: a leadership fable about transformation in business and in life by Shawn Sukhraj Johal ISBN: 978-1637350515

How To Become an Effective Leader by Michael Brainard ISBN: 978-1637351697

HR You Kidding Me?: surprisingly simple steps to unlock the power of people by Cory Sanford ISBN: 978-1637352427

Investing in Gemstones: securing your wealth with the world’s most beautiful commodity by Thomas Schröck ISBN: 978-1637352953

Pivotal Leadership: a masterclass in innovation and persuasion by Alinka Rutkowska, Bill Akins, Buster Arnwine et al. ISBN: 978-1637353004

Strides to Blissful Leadership: how to succeed in business and life by Arvind Sharma ISBN: 978-1637351758

Succeed the Right Way: what every compassionate business person must know by Paul L. Gunn, Jr. ISBN: 978-1637350942

10x Leader: how great leaders multiply outcomes through transformational learning by Stephanie Crowe ISBN: 978-1637352175

Trade Works: the trade finance investor by Andreas Schweitzer ISBN: 978-1637352328

250+ Best Practices for B2B Marketing Success by Alexander Kessler ISBN: 978-1510774025

Work Done Right: using systems thinking to guide your digital transformation by Matthew Kleiman ISBN: 978-1637352915

You Can Thank Me Later: start-up secrets I wish I knew by Laura Sabia ISBN: 978-1637352571

Science & Math

Overcoming Obstacles: from elite athletes to everyday people, the unlimited possibilities of modern sports medicine and research by Rakshith Srinivasan ISBN: 978-1637352267


The Enlightened Passenger: the flight that changes everything by Corey Poirier ISBN: 978-1636984407

Tom Lewis, author of the business manual Solid Ground, recommends LibraryBub to self-publishing authors for its capacity to yield results and to save time. He explains, “I had planned on spending weeks researching and mailing a press kit to market my books to libraries across the nation, but was so pleased to find LibraryBub, who promoted my book to libraries for me! Within the first week, LibraryBub ensured the visibility of my book to some 2,400 librarians. They also got my book listed on a press release that was featured on CBS.”

Librarians should sign up for LibraryBub at http://librarybub.com/

Independent publishers are asked to go to http://librarybub.com/authors/ to submit their books for consideration.


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