Introducing "Data Products for Dummies": A Comprehensive Guide to the New Model for Managing Your Data Assets

LONDON, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The future of data management is here, and it’s all about “Data Products.”, The Data Products Company, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a groundbreaking book, “Data Products for Dummies“, at the highly anticipated Big Data London conference in September 2023.

Authored by Sanjeev Mohan, renowned industry expert and former Gartner analyst; Guy Adams, co-founder & CTO of, co-author of DataOps for Dummies and Snowflake Global Super Hero; and Justin Mullen, co-founder & CEO of and co-author of DataOps for Dummies, this book is set to become the definitive guide for individuals and businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their data assets.

In this practical and comprehensive guide, “Data Products for Dummies” explores everything you need to know about defining, building, testing, deploying, and life cycle management of data products. The authors believe that the concept of “Data Products” is already becoming the standard way for businesses and organizations to effectively define value in their data (a data product),  allowing them to scale while remaining agile and responsive to market demands.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Data Products for Dummies’ to the data community,” said Sanjeev Mohan. “Our aim is to provide readers with invaluable insights and practical knowledge on this evolution to treating “data as a product”, that will empower them to excel in the dynamic world of data management.”

As part of the book launch, the authors will be delivering a keynote session at the Big Data London conference, titled “Data Products Done Right.” This presentation will offer invaluable perspectives on the emerging Data Products Trend and provide attendees with actionable strategies to build and leverage data products successfully.

To celebrate the book launch, there will be a reception and book signing party on Wednesday evening, September 20, at Big Data London. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the authors in person, network with industry peers, and celebrate the arrival of this pioneering book.

“We are excited to connect with fellow data enthusiasts and share our vision for the future of data management,” expressed Guy Adams. “The reception and book signing party will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate this milestone.”

For those eager to dive into the world of data products, pre-registration for a free copy of “Data Products for Dummies” is now available. By signing up in advance, readers can secure their copy and be among the first to explore this transformative guide.

“We believe practical knowledge should be accessible to all,” stated Justin Mullen. “Offering free copies of the book is our way of giving back to the data management community and fostering a culture of continuous learning.”

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this data revolution. Mark your calendars for the launch of “Data Products for Dummies” at the Big Data London conference in September 2023. To pre-register for a complimentary copy or for more information, visit .

About the Authors:

Sanjeev Mohan is a respected industry expert and former Gartner analyst. With years of experience in the field of data management, he brings a wealth of knowledge to “Data Products for Dummies.”

Guy Adams serves as the co-founder & CTO of and co-authored “DataOps for Dummies.” With a passion for innovation, and 20+ years experience building software development teams,he is at the forefront of driving data operations to new heights, and this is reflected in his status as a Snowflake Data Hero for 4 years running.

Justin Mullen is the co-founder & CEO of and co-author of “DataOps for Dummies.” As a data guy, and having spent the last 25 years supporting businesses unlocking the value in their data, heis committed to empowering businesses with data-driven solutions that enable growth and success.

About – the Data Products company, delivers productivity breakthroughs for data teams by enabling agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and a powerful Developer Experience (DX) to modern data platforms. The SaaS platform brings automation, orchestration, continuous testing and unified observability to deliver the Data Products you want at the speed the business needs. is a global company funded by Notion Capital, Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures, with enterprise clients including Roche Diagnostics and OneWeb. For more information, visit or connect with the team on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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