3 Tips to Getting Your Needs and Your Wants, Even in an Inflationary Economy

CAMDEN, N.J., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to a 2022 Bankrate surveymore than half (55%) of Americans who received a raise or switched to a higher-paying job say that their new wages still have not been able to keep up with inflation. They are living paycheck to paycheck and many of those who can pay their bills are fearful about the future and are concerned about economic conditions. The fact that they are fearful is an indication that they do not understand the power that they possess.

Ms. Mujiba Salaam Parker, “The Empowerment Queen™”, says that you can have your needs as well as your wants, even when there is inflation. “You have the power to attract your desires into your life,” advises Parker, author of The Universal Attraction System: How to Easily Attract Your Desires FAST! “In fact, you have always had the power to manifest what you want. The problem is that many people don’t know that they have the power to do it.” Parker knows from experience because she overcame living on welfare and public assistance for 2 years and eventually becoming homeless for 2 weeks.

Parker offers three things people can do to improve the odds of getting what they want:

  1. Determine what your desires are. This may seem obvious, but few people take the time to figure out what they truly want. They spend more time focusing on what they don’t want because that is what they are experiencing. It is certain that if you don’t know what you want, you will never receive it.
  2. Learn what universal laws are and how they work. It is important to learn about universal laws because these laws are the necessary tools to get what you want. Also, universal laws operate all of the time. This means that the state of the economy has no bearing on using universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction.
  3. Use universal laws correctly to receive your desires into your life. People must utilize the power they have by properly applying universal laws. This is required in order to receive your desires. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. However, proper knowledge must be applied in the right manner to see the desired results.

“The Universal Attraction System: How to Easily Attract Your Desires FAST!” is an instruction manual on the various universal laws and how to use them to manifest desires into reality. Readers discover:

  • how to figure out one’s desires
  • the three-step attraction process
  • the seven things that must be released in order to receive one’s desires
  • the three critical factors that make the difference between people who get what they want and those who don’t
  • the one thing that must be done to receive desires fast
  • real examples of manifested desires

The Universal Attraction System comes with a free companion workbook to help ensure that the information is retained and applied correctly. For more information, visit www.UniversalAttractionBook.com.

CONTACT: Ms. Mujiba Salaam Parker, 856-209-2333, [email protected]

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