'Your Brain Is Not Your Friend; We Need a Better Way of Thinking' – Author and Life Coach Richard Waldman Connects Yesterday's Theology with Today's Psychology for a Solution to the Runaway Mind

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Our brain is not our best friend,” said Richard Waldman, life coach, clinical pastor, speaker, veteran, and author of “Your Guide to…A Better Way of Thinking” that addresses one of the great mysteries plaguing mankind from the very beginning. Why are we the only life form on the planet that destroys itself, and is there a connection between our destructive thinking and the fact that we suffer under the weight of hundreds of phobias and mental disorders?

“Based upon the evidence,” said Richard. “We pay a heavy price for having a highly creative brain that has the ability to create on its own. And we have done ourselves a disservice by not recognizing that today’s psychology is an extension of yesterday’s theology; both of which share a common thread – inner peace.”

A Better Way of Thinking: The Evidence

In July of 2020, psychologists at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada reported that we have over 6,000 thoughts a day. Psychologists also tell us that our self-image plays a crucial role in how we think and behave and that low self-esteem can morph into mental disorders and social problems, which raises more questions.

For example, do we take time out of our busy day to think up these thousands of thoughts? Are we responsible for those nighttime dreams that are chaotic and nonsensical? Did we create the distorted image in our head of who our brain thinks we are? Of course not. Which can only mean one thing: our brain has a mind of its own and much of what it creates is out-of-sync with the rest of universe.

Our universe is in a constant state of creating and changing, and yet, it is always in order. We on the other hand find ourselves at odds, with a brain that will miscreate, resist change and is out-of-order. Adam and Eve were kicked-out of the Garden of Eden for judging, blaming, hiding, and not being accountable. In spite of the millions of self-help books being purchased every year – in addition to the thousands of sermons, seminars and counseling sessions that are being conducted every day around the world – what’s changed? Nothing! We are still judging, blaming, hiding, and not being accountable, while almost no one is asking why.

“Just think: if it weren’t for our brains, we’d be well” is an oxymoron that Richard coined upon creating “There’s an Order to Life” – a user-friendly, self-educating strategy that can be previewed in Step II on his website. This strategy gives readers the power to micromanage their inner world – a world that previously had been managing them.

Learn more by visiting Richard Waldman’s online media that details his blueprint for better thinking and living and his book that’s listed on Amazon: “Your Guide to a Better Way of Thinking.”

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