Women Money Myths are the Subject of a New eBook from The Humphreys Group

The eBook, “Rewriting the Rules: Telling Truths about Women and Money,” 2nd Edition is Now Available 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Humphreys Group is delighted to announce the release of the second edition of its groundbreaking eBook, “Rewriting the Rules: Telling Truths about Women and Money.”  This insightful guide challenges traditional norms. We question prevailing myths, dismantling misconceptions that perpetuate the belief in stereotypes. Our mission is to shatter unfounded assumptions related to women and finance, presenting a fresh perspective that encourages a more nuanced and accurate understanding of individuals’ diverse strengths and capabilities in investing and financial decision-making. It underscores a positive narrative, fostering a sense of empowerment among younger generations in pursuing enhanced financial literacy and strategic investments.

 Acknowledging the historical bias in financial institutions designed predominantly by and for men, the book endeavors to shed light on the often-overlooked financial preferences and strengths of women. The eBook confronts prevalent myths head-on, dispelling notions such as “men are superior investors than women” and “women lack confidence in financial matters.” The Humphreys Group approaches these conversations with optimism, fostering a constructive dialogue that empowers women to navigate the evolving financial landscape confidently.

 Beyond addressing challenges, The Humphreys Group, a B Corporation and women-owned wealth management firm in San Francisco, actively inspires empowerment in the financial journeys of its clients. Specializing in assisting women in transition through life’s complexities, such as marriage, divorce, widowhood, inheritance, or navigating stock option grants, they are dedicated to fostering financial empowerment. Their outreach extends to a diverse clientele, particularly the younger demographic, encouraging them to embrace newfound financial empowerment. They offer access to Conversation Circles, where women can engage in meaningful financial discussion, exchanging insights and experiences with their peers.

“At The Humphreys Group, we commend the resilience of women in adapting to the changing financial landscape. Since our inception, we have championed women in navigating personal finance and investing,” shared Diane Bourdo, President of The Humphreys Group. Authors Diane Bourdo and Hallie Kraus leverage decades of research and data in their new book to dispel myths surrounding women and wealth, offering actionable insights for readers.

Reflecting on the experience of updating the book, Diane Bourdo stated, “This process has been enlightening, and it’s heartening to see a positive shift in the younger generation’s grasp of their finances through increased financial literacy.”

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About The Humphreys Group:

The Humphreys Group, a women-owned and -operated wealth management firm based in San Francisco, specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment management. With a keen focus on women’s unique needs, aspirations, and strengths, the firm integrates technical expertise with emotional intelligence, empowering clients to shape their financial destinies. For more information, please visit http://humphreysgroup.com.


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