What the Hell Is an Economy? 2nd Edition Published by Engineer/Angel Investor

“Wealth is Not Money, and Money is Not Wealth” – a New Mantra

ASPEN, Colo., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stocks. Mortgages. Rate hikes. Banks. Inflation. Cryptocurrency. COVID-19. Are you sick of hearing about all of these? Do you know what they all even mean, how they interact, and what they do for and to the economy? The new book by Eric Johnson – What the Hell Is an Economy? 2nd Edition — explains the economy, simply.

Eric Johnson’s book, What the Hell Is an Economy? (KDP Publishing, September 2022), grew out of a who would have thunk it story: a software engineer gets into researching and writing about economics – illustrations included.

A resident of Aspen, he also spends time in San Diego. In 2007, a surprise call from his broker expressing concerns about the economy enabled Johnson to make financial decisions that allowed his family to weather the Great Recession. Never wanting to feel financially vulnerable again, he set out on a 15-year journey of empowerment — self-education on finance and economics. In What the Hell is an Economy? Johnson shares his accumulated knowledge and practical experience so you can become similarly empowered to make better financial decisions.

Johnson says he hopes the future does not include high inflation, that our government becomes financially responsible, and that our strong work ethic remains intact. And he suggests several things to improve the economy to be better prepared for the next crisis after COVID-19:

Recharge the Dollar Wealth Battery

Encourage Decentralization

Allow for Compassion

Gather Wealth Transparently

Reduce the Deficit

Let Higher Education Evolve

Maintain the Faith

Embrace Entrepreneurship

About the Author

Eric Johnson is an entrepreneur. He was co-founder and CEO of Tourmaline Networks, a software engineering firm that developed the first email app for a smart phone. Now an angel investor, he has invested in more than 50 start-ups. Johnson has served on boards of profit and non-profit organizations. He holds a B.S. in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and an M.S.E.E. from San Diego State University. For more information go to: www.WTHisAnEconomy.com and @EricJohnsonWTH

Publication Information

What the Hell Is an Economy? 2nd Edition

By Eric Johnson

Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP) 320 pages

ISBN: 979-8685110879

$2.99 (Kindle)

Publication date: September 10, 2022

PR Contact:

Andrew Blum, AJB Communications

917-783-1680, [email protected]

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