The New Book 'The 100-Year Menu' by Christal Burnette, Will Be Free to Download for a Limited Time (03/11/2024)

Christal Burnette, in an attempt to unlock many of the missing secrets of Okinawan longevity, is excited to announce that ‘The 100-Year Menu’ delves into the heart of the world’s healthiest blue zone.

OKINAWA, Japan, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Christal Burnette, a plant specialist with a master’s in Okinawan health just released The 100 Year Menu,’ a culinary journey into the heart of the world’s healthiest blue zone. Designed for parents seeking delicious and discreetly healthy family recipes, the cookbook features over 50 authentic Okinawan health and longevity recipes.

To make longevity-based meals accessible, Burnette’s book aims to empower parents to effortlessly prepare quick, healthy, and often one-pot meals for their families. ‘The 100-Year Menu’ is available for free download on Amazon for a limited time (03/11/2024 – 03/15/2024) at:

Reviewers have already praised the book for going beyond traditional cookbooks, with one stating: “It’s not just a cookbook; it’s a book that teaches you what to do to live a healthy life. Okinawan culture and language are also introduced towards the end of the book. I’m happy that Okinawan food and language are being introduced to the world! It’s an English cookbook, so it can also be used to study English” – YYY.

Another reviewer highlighted the book’s historical depth, saying: “This book focuses on the Okinawan longevity diet, and I was immediately surprised by the amount of history and focus put on the core ingredients used throughout the book. You can tell that a lot of research was put into this book. I really enjoyed how Christal focuses not only on the actual recipes but also teaches us HOW they need to be enjoyed to get the true longevity effect!” – Norm Tam.

For inquiries or to schedule an interview, contact Quinton at US: (615) 266-4326 or Japan: +81 070-1056-0967, or email [email protected].

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Christal Burnette, dedicated to promoting the secrets of the Okinawan blue zone, combines her expertise in plant-based nutrition with traditional Okinawan recipes. With a master’s in Okinawan health and longevity, Burnette’s ‘The 100-Year Menu’ encapsulates nearly a decade of research, bringing the longevity secrets of Okinawa to the world.

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