The Inner Circle Acknowledges, Elizabeth Suarez as a Distinguished Business Professional for her contributions to the field of Executive Consulting

WESTMINSTER, Colo., Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prominently featured in The Inner Circle, Elizabeth Suarez is acknowledged as a Distinguished Business Professional for her contributions to the field of Executive Consulting.

Ms. Suarez pursued higher education at Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. She then attended Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and received an MBA and continued her education at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where she earned a certificate from the Executive Management Program.

A successful role model for Latino women, Ms. Suarez enjoyed a successful career in corporate America for many years. She asserts that as she rose through the ranks, no other Latinas like herself were in mid to high-level positions, which made her feel isolated, frustrated, and uncomfortable showing up authentically. This experience inspired Ms. Suarez to leave corporate America behind and follow her purpose to help the next generation become the new leaders. As owner and CEO of Negotiation Unleased, she is adamant that the time for positive change for Latinas is NOW. As an experienced executive coach, she is providing support and invaluable expertise.

Touting years of experience and excellence in her field, Ms. Suarez is recognized as an expert in leadership and negotiation strategy; is a highly sought after keynote speaker; podcaster; and author of the best-selling book “The Art of Getting Everything.” She has also been featured on ABC Primetime; 9News; WAPA-TV; El Nuevo Día; Univision; and Telemundo.

Focused on promoting a diverse workforce and coaching leadership development for Latinas and Latinos in mid-level management to uplevel their careers, Ms. Suarez prepares professionals for next-level leadership. She is dedicated to acquiring a better representation of Latinas/Latinos and women of color across all decision-making tables in this country. She notes that substantial evidence supports that a diverse and inclusive workforce is vital to any business’s success. Passionate about her goals, Ms. Suarez’s mission and life’s purpose is to promote C-Suite and board equity by preparing talented Latinos/Latinas to step into these high-level executive positions.

Ms. Suarez asserts that there are no companies where its C-suite or boardroom represents the markets they serve. For instance, if 40 percent of a company’s clients are Latinos, that C suite and boardroom should have 40 percent Latinos. The professional said, “logically speaking, that’s how leadership should look. As an Executive Coach, I offer my clients the resources, tools, and knowledge to navigate their transition into leadership roles. I help them foster mindfulness, uncover blind spots, increase self-awareness, and shift perspective so they can become the best version of themselves.” She also teaches the art of negotiation, which is critical to business success and becoming a better, stronger, and more confident leader.

Ms. Suarez notes that it’s not how well-educated Latinos/Latinas are, it’s about their representation in management. “When I worked in corporate America for two decades, the number of Latinos/Latinas in mid-level roles was minimal. Today, there are numerous Latinos/Latinas in managerial positions, and this is where they remain stagnant. Through my coaching, I work with this particular group of individuals to inspire them to the top spot as C-suite leaders as they develop a new mindset, flexibility, agility, and a deep desire to find success.” She contends that these talented Latinos in the C-suite must take advantage of the opportunity to utilize the exceptional capabilities Latinos offer with far-reaching consequences that negatively impact our global workforce in dire need of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace. She added that white men still hold most executive positions as CEOs, managing directors, and financial officers.

The consultant maintains that Latinas and Latinos’ face unique challenges that she understands. “I’m dedicated to helping high-achieving, ambitious individuals advance in their careers and unlock their full potential to build executive presence and confidently move forward. My work is focused on helping you achieve success and live your purpose with absolute joy and intention,” she said. Ms. Suarez also notes that her clients suffer from imposter syndrome, overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, where they question their readiness for promotions. She coaches them on ways to overcome and combat the feelings of self-doubt holding them back. A best-selling author, Ms. Suarez wrote the book “The Art of Getting Everything,” mainly aimed at the younger generation of women, especially Latinas, to guide them in their careers so they can flourish both personally and professionally. She asserts that it’s a must-read!

Widely recognized for her keynote speaking and YouTube videos, Ms. Suarez has been helping people worldwide master and hone their skills personally and professionally. An elite executive, Ms. Suarez is on the prestigious advisory board of LEAP.

She would like to dedicate this honor to the loving memory of her dear mother, Consuela, and her daughter, Bianca Lewis, who always inspires her. Aside from her professional pursuits, she enjoys paddleboarding, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Contact: Katherine Green, 516-825-5634, [email protected]

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