The great devourer: Valerie Tasso and LELO explain the basics about the Big O

“The orgasm is the great devourer of words. It only allows you to moan, howl, and emit subhuman sounds, not words.” Valérie Tasso, sexologist, writer and LELO Ambassador

NEW YORK, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LELO has spent the better part of the last 20 years giving more visibility to one of the most pleasurable phenomena human beings can experience. With that in mind, the industry champion in sexual wellness teamed up with the world-renowned author, sexologist, and LELO Ambassador in Spain, Valerie Tasso, as well as renowned Spanish artist Pachu M. Torres, to bring “Orgasm”, the book that takes a down-to-earth,informative, and beginner-friendly take on orgasms.

But, oddly enough, by making the orgasm so visible, a paradox occurs. It becomes an obsession, especially for women. Especially if they have never had the sensation, or don’t know if they have. In other words, orgasm becomes the big GOAL of sexual relations, whether with a partner or alone. The more we obsess about getting something, the less chance there is of getting it. 

Studies have shown that heterosexual women have the least orgasms during intercourse. And the reasons for this are multiple. The research has also shown there’s a considerable difference between the number of orgasms men and women are having in heterosexual relationships. Furthermore, Lesbians had higher rates of orgasm than straight and bisexual women, though still lower than men. Interestingly these women have no such problem when they masturbate.

“The book talks about both male and female orgasms, and the million-dollar question: Who enjoys it more? But also, why is it that some have never felt an orgasm or have not felt all the orgasms they claim they have had? Of course, we will put more emphasis on the female climax, which has been so persecuted over the centuries. We owe it to ourselves, first, and secondly to our partners (whether sporadic or not).” says Valerie Tasso, the author of the book.

“Many people feel pressure to orgasm as they feel their partner will expect it and that’s because we don’t have and aren’t given a solid education around more realistic expectations of sex. In short, we at LELO aim to educate or re-educate people about orgasm. This book is here to provide all the information necessary to get to know each other better and love ourselves as we should,” adds Luka Matutinovic, LELO CMO.

Throughout Masturbation Month, LELO will be making it possible to win a pdf copy of the Valerie Tasso book via its social media. At the same time, the book will be available as a Kindle edition through our Amazon store. The book is available in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

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