Thái Công – A Passion For Aesthetics, the book by interior designer Thái Công, has just been released in over 70 countries by German Publisher teNeues

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thái Công is the first Vietnamese-German interior designer published a book by an international publisher.

Quách Thái Công is an acclaimed Vietnamese-German interior designer.

Much more than a conventional interior photo book: a look through the keyhole of the rich and beautiful, holistic exploration of the concept of aesthetics, crossover between design, film, photography, fashion, etc.

A wealth of inspiration for true fusion design: the Vietnamese-German designer Thái Công combines the best of all worlds, from Western pop culture to Asian tradition. 

Attention to detail outside and inside: special equipment to see and feel corresponds to the exclusivity of the content.

For many, luxury may be synonymous with unnatural coolness and meaninglessness. But not for the interior designer Thái Công, to whom high society regularly entrust the interior design of their domiciles. The celebrity designer is firmly convinced that the focus must always be on people and their individual needs. A highly sophisticated but always pragmatic comfort supports the aesthetics enthusiast in transforming a simple living space into a real home.

The German-Vietnamese designer has been convincing as a master of staging for more than 20 years. He cleverly combines elements of Western (pop) culture with Far Eastern tradition. This balancing act between timeless elegance and modern zeitgeist results in a harmonious atmosphere that has an inviting effect.

Thái Công’s interiors can be seen as the epitome of luxury. Nevertheless, working with his clients is far from being egocentric, because the designer has the incredible talent of giving every character the necessary space. In a magical way, he manages to make the invisible visible. He captures moods, emotions and passions and portrays them in his designs. A recurring motif is the phenomenon of aesthetics.

“Whether as a photographer or interior designer, he is able to create fantasies, worlds, images, spaces, and entire architectures that captivate our imagination. The settings he composes touch their inhabitants in a magical way and evoke a deep sense of security, of being at home. For Thái Công, creating these worlds is not a highly skilled profession—it is his purpose in life. Thái Công’s everyday life is dedicated to the enjoyment and ongoing, sensual pursuit of exception- al quality. Although I can see a consistent thread in his creations, he nevertheless develops exclusive living environments for each of his clients that he has tailored to their particular requirements and circum- stances. As a result, the ambiences he creates are shaped by an eclectic mix of various epochs, styles, and cultures.” – Michael Sieger, CEO of Sieger Design.

As the first coffee table book, A Passion for Aesthetics is dedicated to the concept of aesthetics by accompanying the famous designer in his creative process in the form of concise texts and impressive images. Its extraordinary features convey the high standards of the designer to the reader in an authentic way and allow him to truly immerse himself in his luxurious, inspiring world. 

The book is available on Amazon and at bookstores in over 70 countries worldwide.

About Thái Công & Thái Công Interior Design

Thái Công was born in Vietnam, grew up in Europe, and has been an avid world traveler for quite some time. What sets him apart is not only that he is familiar with different cultures, but that he is also a part of them. It is this sense of connection that allows him to combine European and Asian traditions in a special and authentic way. 

His company is known in Germany and Vietnam for its exquisite interior design projects. In 2014, Thái Công took a step back and also forward when he established an interior design studio and an exquisite showroom in his native Saigon. After completing a wide range of successful projects, which are showcased in this book, he was named Designer of the Year by Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

Today, he is the best-known and most in-demand interior designer for Vietnam’s high society, who draw inspiration for a new aesthetic from his lifestyle and his promise to make every day as extraordinary as possible.

Thái Công - A Passion For Aesthetics, an art book by interior designer Thái Công has just been released by TeNeues Publishing House in 70 countries.


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