MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Could a book alleging corruption, negligence, and betrayal in connection with the murder of a young man penned by his dad be the proverbial smoking gun in Gov.  Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Bid?

Former Professor Sandy Modell’s book titled “Murder and Corruption in Florida is about his son Ryan being shot to death in Fort Myers, FL after mistakenly knocking on the door of the wrong residence one night.  Professor Modell charges the county’s prosecutor and Gov. DeSantis with failure to bring the “cold blooded killer” to justice and has created this highway sign to greet the governor.

Shouldn’t candidates for the presidency possess such qualities as integrity, reliability, and accountability, Modell asks.  His book details a murder case where DeSantis had opportunities, but completely failed to demonstrate those qualities, making Modell’s book the Smoking Gun that details the gap between DeSantis’s promises and actions New Hampshire voters should ask about.  “If he ducks, they’ll get a whiff of that smoking gun.”

The book cover beside a message to DeSantis will be highly visible on the billboard to those driving from airport to the second Republican state caucuses.

“This matter could be the Willy Horton Achilles heel for Ron DeSantis,” said author and talk show host William Steel whose co-host Samantha Markle is represented by one of President Donald Trump’s attorneys, Peter Ticktin

The murder of the young college student was  brought to national attention by his dad’s book and Steel’s YouTube platform, William Steel True Crime and Steel the Spotlight TV.

Modell believes his book about his son’s murder in 2016 could shake the foundations of DeSantis’s presidential campaign so much that he’s giving it for free to anyone who clicks Read the free book.

“Despite overwhelming evidence, public outcry, and PROMISES DeSantis made, he has failed to act, leaving my family in despair and a community in shock.”

Modell strategically placed his message to the governor on I-95 between Exits 2 & 3, at 5 Ocean Road, Greenland, NH to remind him that he has “failed to act on his promises, something the governor boasts he never does,” said Modell.

After Ryan, unarmed and innocent, was fatally shot, Modell said Lee County Sheriff’s Department labeled it premeditated first degree murder, but State Attorney Amira Fox, refused to prosecute. Her refusal stands in stark contrast to opinions of legal experts, former prosecutors, and seasoned journalists, who saw it as a murder, said Modell adding “This was not an act of self-defense or stand your ground and many in the NRA agree.”

Several petitions pleading for a transfer and an unbiased review of the case have remained unanswered on the Governor’s desk for over five years, said Modell.  “Read Murder and Corruption in Florida and you’ll understand my frustration.”

Media contact Adrienne Mazzone at 561-908-1683 (c) 561-750-9800 (o), [email protected].  For Interviews, contact: Mr. Sandy Modell at (407) 628-3393; email [email protected].

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