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Toronto Housing industry expert Derek Lobo’s new book shows how you can afford a home by turning it into a business

TORONTO, Dec. 7, 2022 /CNW/ – A new book shows how young people can once again afford a home in Canada’s expensive housing markets. Derek Lobo, a recognized housing expert, has written The Self Funding House™ which rebuilds the dream of home ownership.

The Self Funding House™ solves affordability for new home buyers. https://theselffundinghousebook.com

The global housing crisis is here to stay, but believe it or not, for first-time home buyers and their nervous parents, the dream of home ownership is once again possible. Welcome to The Self Funding House™. Lobo’s solution involves utilizing the shared economy. Uber, Airbnb, have dramatically changed the way we work, live, and play – yet this change has not been applied to home ownership.

“You can become a homeowner by being a landlord,” says Lobo. “When I was a young immigrant to Canada, I bought a house and turned it into a triplex in order to pay the house off while providing a home for my new family. As our family grew, we slowly reclaimed the units of the house until, once again, it became a single-family dwelling.”

The Self Funding House™ is about making your home a business and creating the opportunity for affordability and the advantages of business ownership,” explains Lobo. “The timing is perfect. Governments have been making changes to allow more units on single lots.”

The Self Funding House™ is also a comprehensive system, including an online digital resource filled with content from subject-matter experts. It answers all the questions homeowners have from how to deal with municipal regulations, how to renovate the property and how to find and manage tenants.

Derek Lobo is the CEO for SVN Rock Advisors Inc., specialists in apartment development, affordable housing, student housing, and intergenerational family real estate.

The Self Funding House™ will launch on Amazon in early 2023. Add your name to the list and get advance notice of when it’s available. For more information, visit TheSelfFundingHouseBook.com

Written for Millennials and Gen X, and their parents, Lobo says “This book will help you move our and will excite your parents too!”


SOURCE SVN Rock Advisors Inc.


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