Philanthropist George Shinn To Publish Book on Spiritual Journey, Growth, and Lessons Learned on God-Sized Journey

George Shinn’s new book will be available to purchase at Cornerstone Christian Bookstore

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Famous Philanthropist and formerĀ NBA Owner George Shinn has learned a lot in his 82 years. Having overcome life in poverty being raised by a single mother and struggling with a speech impediment, George Shinn became the first to bring major league sports to the state of North Carolina as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. But none of it matters more than having developed an intimate relationship with God, to whom Shinn credits all of his success.

Those lessons, and the spiritual principles behind his personal journey, will now be available in a new book, “Revelations of a Mere Man,” authored by Shinn, and published by Maxwell Leadership Publishing in the late spring of 2024.

“My wife Megan and I are humbled by the opportunity to help others by sharing the ways God has blessed me despite my own shortcomings,” George Shinn said. “My mother always told me that if you pray everyday, work your tail off and bet on God, you better get ready for an incredible life. And she was right.”

George Shinn was born in 1941 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. His father died when he was eight, and his mother had to work several jobs just to keep him in hand-me-down clothes. In fifth grade, Shinn was humiliated when a classmate in charge of collecting cafeteria money announced that Shinn was one of two students receiving free school lunches. “From that point on, I decided that I would never be embarrassed again and that I would follow every principle and all the right rules to get ahead and succeed,” he says.

After finishing last in his High School class, Shinn would enroll in Evans Business Colleges, where he impressed the school owner with his knack for recruiting other students. Shinn eventually was able to buy some of the less successful schools, where, after realizing he couldn’t improve them on his own, he turned to God.

“I made God my business partner, in everything I did,” Shinn said. “After that, my entire life changed.”

Shinn’s business colleges became so successful he launched a consulting business, published his own books, and eventually used his personal wealth, and a God-sized belief in divine providence, to try and bring a professional basketball team to the little-known city of Charlotte.

Shinn’s book details the steps of faith he took, and the providential favor he received along the way in his effort to convince the NBA owners to award the city of Charlotte an expansion franchise, despite the fact that the city was the smallest of all the applicants.

Shinn also details the personal struggles he faced that led to his decision to move the franchise to New Orleans and then, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, to Oklahoma City while he spearheaded relief efforts back in Louisiana. After successfully returning the team to New Orleans, Shinn sold the team, and has spent the last decade plus of his life donating and helping raise money for charitable causes.

This latest chapter, he notes, is what has given him his greatest purpose, and is what led him to write the book.

“I know my identity isn’t in being a former NBA owner,” Shinn says. “It’s in helping point people towards God. When they look at me, they see someone who has stumbled at times, but has never stopped walking, in faith, towards the plan God has for me.”

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