NJ Ayuk's "A Just Transition" Takes the Number One Spot on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

— “A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix” continues to impact worldwide readers and extend the reach for its message of global change —

JOHANNESBURG, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NJ Ayuk, an internationally recognized lawyer and thought leader, today announced that his latest book, “A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix,” has been named to the top of the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. The economic and ecological commentary had already risen in the charts as part of its debut on Amazon earlier this year. The book continues to engage readers regarding the critical topic of energy poverty and the need to take action now in order to avoid future crisis, sparking conversation and debate on a global scale.

“A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix” explores how the interconnectedness of the world economy and infrastructures have come to increase demand for change that not nations are equipped to manage. NJ Ayuk points to the green energy policies put forth by the International Energy Agency and how these have caused damage to energy economies throughout Africa that rely heavily on the export of natural resources. While embracing green energy sources and practices have implicit value, Ayuk posits that world leaders need to consider the economic toll that rolling back energy projects can have on reliant economies in developing countries.

NJ Ayuk has tackled the issue of sustainability and economic impact throughout his career. As CEO of the Centurian Law Group and Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, Ayuk has witnessed firsthand the effects of the fast-evolving energy industry on laggard economies across Africa. His latest book is an attempt to highlight the disparities caused by the changes taking place in the energy industry, which focus on key innovation tactics without considering the impact to existing infrastructures. “A Just Transition” calls for conversation around practical ways to help address energy poverty, the lack of sustainable energy products and services, throughout African countries that export the majority of their natural resources in this industry.

Ayuk’s stance is not one resistant to change but rather one that calls for world leaders and innovators to look at the broader impact of their decisions. He also looks to the global stage for solutions that can help Africa embrace new technologies and sustainable practices in ways that support economic growth. “”By using every energy resource at our disposal, increasing investment across the entire African energy value chain, and prioritizing local content and capacity building, together, we can build a future where everyone has access to reliable and sustainable energy,” said Ayuk.

About NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk, JD, MBA is a practicing lawyer and advocate with over a decade of experience providing guidance in the energy industry throughout Africa. His focus remains on the future of the African economy when it comes to oil and gas industry integration with modern and global infrastructures and legislation. His work has helped to create hundreds of jobs across the continent while also prioritizing

the interests of local economies when negotiating deals. He is the founder of both the Centurion Law Group and the African Energy Chamber, both of which are dedicated to furthering advancement in the indigenous energy sector across Africa through representation and advocacy. Ayuk has been named a

World Economic Forum Global Shaper and one of Forbes’ Top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa in 2015. His books have sold worldwide to energy policy and international economics audiences.

Press Contact African Energy Chamber

Gradie Mbono: [email protected]

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