New book, THE LIGHT DOCTOR, by world-leading expert Dr. Martin Moore-Ede will revolutionize how you look at light

On July 1st 2024, Substack best-seller THE LIGHT DOCTOR: Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer will be published in paperback by CIRCADIAN Books. Former Harvard Medical School professor, Martin Moore-Ede MD, PhD, lucidly explains the science of healthy lighting, and how to safeguard your health.

BOSTON, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — THE LIGHT DOCTOR is a must-read for all who take electric light for granted. Dr Moore-Ede makes the compelling case that the light you see is as important to your health as the food you drink, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. He provides conclusive evidence that too many LED lights on store shelves produce cheap and bright “junk light” which can be as unhealthy for your body as junk food.

It is over twenty years since electric light at night was first identified as a carcinogen. Since then, thousands of scientific studies have documented the sobering health risks associated with our chronic exposure to blue-rich LED and fluorescent light in the evenings and at night. When we disrupt our circadian clocks with unhealthy light, breast cancer, prostate cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, anxiety, and a shortened lifespan result.

Yet over 90% of the lights sold today are static blue-chip LEDs and most consumers are quite unaware of the risks. THE LIGHT DOCTOR explains the science of lighting health in easily understandable terms and serves as a practical guide for finding healthy lights for your home, schools, workplaces, hospitals, and senior living facilities.

“Whether you are a healthcare worker spending long hours on the floor, have a child in a classroom, or are a senior enjoying the comforts of home, everyone needs to know which lights and display screens disrupt their circadian clocks and can cause sleep disorders, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer. They also need to know where to find the lights and display screens that will boost their health and performance as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr Moore-Ede.

Reviewers have heaped praise on this revolutionary book:

“THE LIGHT DOCTOR…terrified me, in the best way. Dr. Moore-Ede is doing cutting-edge work to change the way we think about light and how it affects us.” Penguin Life

“I was so impressed with his detailed yet thoroughly comprehensible explanations and expert advice! I’ll definitely be changing some of my light bulb’s ASAP!” Simon Element

“I had no idea that artificial lights posed so many health risks, beyond the disruption of sleep. And Dr. Moore-Ede is clearly the leading authority on this topic.”—Spark

“As someone who sits under fluorescent office lights all week, it made me question my life choices! The author does a terrific job.”—Tarcher Perigree

Dr. Moore-Ede brings a unique perspective from the forefront of the battle against unhealthy lights. While a professor at Harvard Medical School, he discovered the location of the circadian clock in the human brain and how it is synchronized by light. As a consultant to over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies, he has seen firsthand the harmful effects of light at night in the real world. His discovery of the narrow sky-blue signal that synchronizes circadian clocks led to the invention and patenting of evidence-based circadian lighting and the demonstration of its effectiveness in many major companies.

The book is written for anyone interested in living a healthier life with the correct lighting. The information provided in this book is backed by a recent survey of 248 scientists by the Circadian Light Research Center, led by Moore-Ede. The scientists, who have collectively published 2,697 peer-reviewed scientific articles on circadian clocks and light, confirmed that human circadian clocks are highly sensitive to blue wavelengths, and exposure to insufficient daytime blue-rich light and excessive blue-rich light at night, leads to many major health disorders.

About Martin Moore-Ede M.D., Ph.D.

For over 40 years, Dr. Moore-Ede has been a leading world expert on circadian clocks and the health problems caused by electric light at night. As a professor at Harvard Medical School (1975 – 1998), he led the team that located the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the biological clock in the human brain that controls the timing of sleep and wake, and demonstrated that it was synchronized by light. Since 2010, he has led the Circadian Lighting Research Center team that identified the key blue signal that synchronizes circadian clocks and developed patented LED lights, which provide circadian-optimized light across day and night based on comprehensive medical research. The effectiveness of these circadian-modulated lights in improving health and well-being has been validated by installing them in the 24-hour operations of Fortune 500 companies and hospitals. He has published over 180 scientific articles and authored ten books, including the best-selling books, The Clocks that Time Us, and The Twenty-Four Hour Society. His new book THE LIGHT DOCTOR: Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer. is now released in paperback. For more information visit, 

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