New Book Shows How AI Can Revolutionize Book Promotions and Profitability

“Shimmer, don’t Shake” by Nadim Sadek is released by Forbes Books

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NEW YORK , Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, announced today the October release of Shimmer, don’t Shake: How Publishing Can Embrace AI by Nadim Sadek. It is available on Amazon now.

Nadim Sadek is founder and CEO of Shimmr AI, which focuses on publishing, making under-monetized book titles more productive, improving publishers’ profitability, and giving authors greater reach. In Shimmer, don’t Shake, he explores how the book publishing industry can put artificial intelligence to work in ways that will improve efficiency and expand a book’s audience.

“As digital capabilities grow more sophisticated, publishers continue adapting to new technologies while staying grounded in their essential role – amplifying authors’ voices and ideas that enrich our world,” Sadek shared. “Artificial intelligence promises to be the next major innovation reshaping publishing. As AI capabilities advance, industry practitioners have legitimate concerns but also much opportunity.”

With Shimmer, don’t Shake, Sadek makes the argument that readers, authors, and publishers all can benefit as AI is used to create high-quality book descriptions, advertise titles, and make better matches between the right books and the right audiences.

“The story of publishing has always been one of adapting to meet changing times while preserving the vital spark of creativity,” Sadek said. “AI is the next chapter, promising renewal if embraced judiciously rather than resisted. With care, wisdom, and responsibility on all sides, artificial intelligence can bring out the best in natural imagination.”

About Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek, author of Shimmer, don’t Shake: How Publishing Can Embrace AI, is founder and CEO of Shimmr AI. His company focuses on publishing, making under-monetized titles more productive, improving publishers’ profitability, and giving authors greater reach. Previously, Sadek was founder and CEO of ProQuo AI, an AI-driven brand management platform. He was also founder and CEO of Inish Turk Beg, a whiskey, food, and music business he built on an island he acquired off the West coast of Ireland. Sadek, who is half-Irish and half-Egyptian, was raised in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe, and now lives in London.

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