New Book Launches for Entrepreneurs Who Crave Purpose Beyond Profit

FLEMINGTON, N.J., Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Camille Miller, Pioneer for the Soul Professional Movement and Chief Visionary for the Natural Life Business Partnership (NLBP), is proud to announce the release of the Amazon Bestseller The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business: 25 Practical Strategies from the Experts, a workbook style resource text for entrepreneurs craving action steps to designing a business that creates wealth and impacts the world while remaining aligned with their soul, purpose, and joy.

The book’s lead author, Camille Miller aims to disrupt the idea of how a business ‘should be‘ modeled and features multiple strategies and stories that worked for other Soul Professionals as evidence that there is no right way to be an entrepreneur. The book launch comes at a time when many Americans have decided not to return to their corporate jobs, post-pandemic, and wish to dovetail their lifestyle with their work.

Miller had a goal of bringing the best of the best together to give you the greatest tips and the most practical strategies for creating a business that aligns with your heart and soul. She believes there is no great secret to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. There is, however, a need to shift your mindset to get there.

If you’re tired of traditional business models and the ego-centered ways of building wealth, look no further. You have the answer to your business growth and financial wellbeing right here in this book.

Camille L. Miller is a visionary and leading a movement at a time when most have taken a step back to evaluate where they are meant to be in their professional lives. Authentic, candid, and inspiring stories make the reader connect and identify with the challenges and risks of pursuing one’s purpose beyond profit. There is a chapter in this book for every person who connects with “Soul Professional” and strategies leading one to follow their own truth to success.”  Esta H. Singer, s.h.e. CONSULTING

“If you are a small business owner, and you want to FEEL in integrity and alignment with your business purpose and your soul vision, this is a must-read book. It’s practical, it’s personal, and there’s a depth to each of the business owners who shared their story, strategy, and tips.”  M. Shannon Hernandez, Joyful Business Revolution

Camille L. Miller, MBA, Ph.D. ABD is an international speaker, business strategist, and Founder of the Natural Life Business Partnership, a global professional organization for visionary CEOs and conscious business owners who are passionate about their purpose and wish to co-create with others that think and lead from their soul. Camille is the creator and host of the weekly podcast Six-Figure Souls: Doing Good and Making Money®, which highlights soul-aligned entrepreneurs who crushed the six-figure ceiling and still feel in alignment with the Universe and their purpose. Her mission is to guide and support others to align their SOUL with their WORK and to help achieve PURPOSE BEYOND PROFIT. 

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