New Book, Imposter Doctors: Patients at Risk, Reveals Startling Truths About Patient Safety

In a groundbreaking exploration of a hidden threat within the healthcare system, Dr. Rebekah Bernard unveils her new book, Imposter Doctors: Patients at Risk

FORT MYERS, Fla., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rebekah Bernard, MD, President of Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP), a non-profit advocating for physician-led care for all patients and transparency concerning healthcare practitioners, is proud to announce the official launch of her second book, titled Imposter Doctors: Patients at Risk, available for purchase on Amazon today.

In the three years since Dr. Bernard’s first book was released, Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare, the employment of non-physician practitioners has continued to skyrocket. While advocates insist that nurse practitioners and physician assistants are “just as good” as physicians and are solving the nationwide healthcare shortage, Dr. Bernard and many others disagree. With meticulous research and storytelling of real-life case studies, Dr. Bernard reveals the shocking extent of this problem and its devastating impact on innocent patients.

“While studies show that non-physician practitioners can provide excellent care when working closely together with physicians, there is no data proving safety or efficacy when physicians are removed from the equation altogether,” said Rebekah Bernard, MD, President of Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP). “Unfortunately, corporations are replacing physicians for one reason: to increase profits. Patients must understand the training and education of those providing their care to better advocate for themselves.”

Through each chapter, Imposter Doctors provides a comprehensive examination of the issues surrounding non-physician practitioners and their impact on the healthcare system, including the creation of the physician shortage, the rise of private equity corporate healthcare, virtual mental health care by psychiatric nurse practitioners, diploma mills and more.

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About Rebekah Bernard, MD, President of Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP)

Rebekah Bernard, MD, is president of Physicians for Patient Protection and a family physician in Fort Myers, FL.

About Physicians for Patient Protection (PPP)

Grassroots organization of practicing and retired physicians, residents, medical students and assistant physicians (a new designation for physicians who have finished medical school but haven’t yet matched in a residency). Our mission is to ensure physician-led care for all patients and to advocate for truth and transparency regarding healthcare providers. We advance our mission by educating our colleagues, by influencing policy and legislation and by educating our patients and the public. For more information, please visit

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