New Book Helps Leaders Regain Control After They Experience Leadership Shock

CHARLESTON, S.C., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leadership consultant Pete Steinberg offers guidance to people who rise to the top only to find themselves overwhelmed by their duties and responsibilities in his new book Leadership Shock: Using Authenticity to Navigate the Hidden Dangers of Career Success.

Not every leader experiences leadership shock, Steinberg says, but for those who do, it takes a toll mentally and physically. They have been promoted to a new role, and they find that what worked for them before is no longer working. It is as if the ground is shifting beneath their feet.

“I call it leadership shock for a good reason—it’s not stress; it’s shock,” Steinberg says. “A degree of stress is normal for any executive, especially when they take on a new role. But certain sets of circumstances can turn normal levels of stress into full-blown shock.”

Leadership Shock, published by Advantage Books, discusses such topics as purpose, role expectation, leadership beliefs, and leadership principles. Throughout the pages, Steinberg shares the Authentic Leadership Model that he developed and that can help overcome leadership shock.

He says this model “allows leaders to understand which of the expectations, strengths, principles, and choices in their leadership are driving behaviors that are no longer successful in the new environment, and it allows them to understand which aspect of their current leadership model needs to change.”

Steinberg also includes case studies of real people he has worked with who have experienced leadership shock, and how they were able to overcome it and get back on track.

The book includes a brief questionnaire readers can take to determine whether they have leadership shock and also has a list of questions to help them find their purpose.

“My approach to executive coaching has always been to not just try to solve the immediate issue, whatever that might be, but also to give my clients a framework that will allow them to cope with any future challenges they may face,” Steinberg says. “I try to help leaders become aware of their own thought processes – the various principles and approaches that guide their behaviors and the choices they make about their own behaviors.”

About Pete Steinberg

Pete Steinberg (, author of Leadership Shock: Using Authenticity to Navigate the Hidden Dangers of Career Success, is a leadership and innovation expert with extensive experience consulting with top Fortune 500 professionals. He also is a former U.S., international, and Olympic rugby coach, as well as commentator for major outlets such as CBS, ESPN, and Fox Sports. Steinberg’s areas of expertise include leading authentically, lessons from the Olympics, and creating a culture of innovation.

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