New Book Aims to Redefine Success for Financial Advisors

LAWRENCE, Kan., March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry where success is often measured by numbers—assets under management (AUM), client numbers and production figures—The Advisor Transformation: The Ultimate Guide to Growth, Freedom, and Joy for Financial Advisors, the latest book by Triad Partners Co-Founder Shawn Sparks, challenges the conventional metrics of achievement and offers a revolutionary approach to building a more fulfilling advisory practice.

New book, The Advisor Transformation, shows financial advisors how to build a more fulfilling business.

The financial advisory industry plays a pivotal role in shaping individual well-being for those that it serves. However, oftentimes the biggest difference makers (the most successful advisors) end up having so much demand on themselves and their teams, that their own lives take an enormous toll.  

Sparks poses a critical question to all financial advisors: “If your business success doesn’t lead to an overall better life, with more freedom and joy, is it success at all?”

What makes advisors so successful is their unrelenting drive to help others and progress their business. This often results in long hours and late nights. Inevitably, the more successful they become the more stress they experience and the more likely they are to experience burnout.

The process of growth cannot continue in that way because they end up having to either give up on growth all together or continue down the path by brute force with a very steep cost to their health, family and personal freedom.

Studies show 89 percent of small business owners work on the weekends. If the founder is over worked, it almost always means their team is as well. The overall success that has been achieved, ends up stealing the joy and the love for the business that they all once had.

Sparks notes: “This is an unfortunate, but all too common outcome of success.”

Shawn Sparks addresses this critical issue head-on in his new book, advocating and arming advisors with the principles needed to shift from a business of success to one of significance. This means teaching them not just how to achieve more production and help more clients, but instead giving them the ability to build a business that is scalable beyond them. The growth of the advisor’s infrastructure, processes and team is much more important than the conventional measurements of growth. Ironically, when advisors learn to build a better, more mature business that is less dependent on any one individual, it is also the key to having more production and helping more people.

Shawn reveals the five principles required for this to occur in the book.

Reflecting on the transformative power of the lessons shared in the book, Derek Gregoire of SHP Financial remarked, “I only wish this was written years ago; we would have avoided a lot of stress trying to figure all of this out on our own. These principles have not just changed our business; they’ve changed our lives.”

The book has received notoriety with endorsements from well-known leaders and New York Times best-selling authors such as Tim Tebow, Daniel Crosby and Michael Hyatt.

The Advisor Transformation is more than just a book; it is a catalyst for change, encouraging financial advisors to embark on a journey toward a life and business of true significance. It invites advisors to step away from the grind and step into a realm of growth, freedom and joy.

For those ready to transform their practice and life, The Advisor Transformation is available on Amazon. For more information, visit

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About Shawn Sparks: Shawn Sparks is a pioneer in business development for financial advisors. His extensive experience and innovative approach have made him a trusted mentor and coach to advisors seeking to enhance their businesses.

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