Maxime Bernier Among Panelists Sharing Vision of a More Just Canada for All

OTTAWA, ON, March 13, 2024 /CNW/ РAmidst the charming backdrop of the Ottawa International Food and Book Expo, a panel of distinguished speakers is gearing up for a historic discussion about the quest for a just society in Canada. Speakers will engage in a lively discussion covering the root causes of societal injustices and the approaches we can take toward reigniting the Canadian Dream. The discussion will be moderated by Canadian media icon Bill Welychka and author/activist Nora Loreto. Tickets are now available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the event taking place at 10 AM on April 27th at the Landsdowne Park Horticulture Building.

Among a diverse lineup of panellists, Reverend Alexa Gilmour stands out as a passionate human rights activist and United Church of Canada minister. Her commitment to intersectional coalition building and systemic change positions her as a driving force for justice.

The panel features The Hon. Maxime Bernier, a seasoned politician and public servant renowned for his outspoken dedication to personal responsibility and freedom. After his recent departure from the Conservatives to launch his own People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Bernier brings a passionate and unique perspective to the conversation.

In a recent video interview with Rebel News founder Ezra Levant, Bernier scoffed at the notion that greater immigration is necessary for Canadian economic growth. Instead, he emphasized other measures of prosperity and well-being.

“You don’t need more people to have prosperity and economic growth,” he said. “There are small countries that are very prosperous. The most important thing is to increase our purchasing power, our standard of living.”

Canadians have expressed their concerns on Twitter regarding higher immigration targets leading to a loss of Canadian culture, overwhelmed infrastructure and healthcare, and housing price hikes. One user noted that the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is the only party that opposes what they deemed an “unsustainable number,” citing potential pressures on infrastructure, healthcare, and housing costs.

The panel discussion will feature a wealth of perspectives. Imam Syed Soharwardy, for example, is a Sunni scholar and founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, as well as a crucial voice against terrorism. His advocacy work and initiatives like the “Multi-Faith Walk Against Violence” underscore the importance of dispelling misconceptions about Islam.

Angella McEwen, a Senior Economist at CUPE National, contributes a valuable perspective on the impacts of economic and social policies. With a background in international development studies and economics, McEwen defends the ideals of social democracy.

Known for her commitment to women’s equality and broader social change, Senator Kim Pate is a seasoned advocate. She brings nearly 40 years of experience working with marginalized communities in legal and penal systems.

Adrian Harewood, an accomplished journalist and member of Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication, brings a cosmopolitan perspective gathered through interviewing many influential figures.

Rounding out the discussion is Ryan Banfield, a member of the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee. Banfield volunteers at Next Gen Men and aspires to coordinate nationwide reforms to social policy, particularly in housing and homelessness.

Come join this thought-provoking discussion on building a more just society in Canada. A panel of experts will delve into the challenges we face and the potential for better ways forward. The panel provides a unique opportunity to learn and engage with passionate individuals working towards creating a more equitable society. Your presence is eagerly anticipated!

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