Man Bites Dog Inspires This New Must-Read Comedy Thriller

From top-selling Amazon humor author Dick Wybrow comes the story of a wolf who, after being bitten by a man, transforms into a towering six-foot-seven French Canadian. Follow the captivating journey of Kane as he seeks the man who infected him, so he can reclaim his true nature and return to his pack.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Kane had been a wolf until an infected man’s bite changed him into a human. As a person, he’s cunning, strong, and brave. He’s also a terrible driver. So, he hired a troubled Minneapolis dive bar worker named Emelda Throne to help him out.

But nothing could have prepared Emelda for what happens when Kane steps into the moonlight. Despite what the legends say, he doesn’t become some snarling werewolf. She’s only seen him turn into dogs. Usually tiny dogs.

However, there is one change Emelda has never seen: a beast-from-hell that Kane won’t talk about.

It’s a race against time after a homicidal paramilitary group learns the value of the infected man’s blood and will stop at nothing to find him first.

Can Emelda and Kane’s “pack of two” find the secret to reverse Kane’s transformation and get him back home?

Request a pre-publication copy from industry-trusted NetGalley at this link here.

Dick is also available for interviews to talk about KANE and his 20 years of writing comedy for books, television, and stage.


Dick Wybrow is a best-selling Amazon humor author of ten thrillers, including the upcoming KANE. His novels have hit top ten rankings across several humor and fantasy genres.

He’s also written screenplays and has had spec scripts optioned by a major television studio.

A former rock disk jockey and stand-up comedian, Dick is a gifted speaker and is available for interviews. Dick resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Dick Wybrow, Dee Dub Publishing, 64 220514596, [email protected]


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