LOS ANGELES , Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This Fall sees the launch of an explosive new book, Conflicting Loyalties, the gripping true-life memoir of a mafia enforcer turned informant who brought down corrupt police and politicians from the inside. Conflicting Loyalties is a page-turning book about crime, redemption and ultimately an unlikely spiritual journey.

This visceral story follows a man who gambles with his own life in order to save it, dodging his fate while searching for an identity, a father, and a family. It is for readers of Gianni Russo’s Hollywood Godfather, Joe Pistone’s classic Donnie Brasco, and anyone interested in mob life, police and political corruption. It is also an incredible story about redemption and spiritual transformation.

Aiden Gabor was still a teenager when he began a double life as a mob enforcer. At age 18, Aiden left the mob and went to college on a football scholarship. His former criminal life intruded when Department of Justice agents approached him with an ultimatum: spend his life in prison for racketeering, embezzlement, extortion, and conspiracy to commit murder, or become an undercover police informant.

Thus became Aiden’s life – a death-defying, paranoid existence of an informant working on the inside to bring down corrupt politicians and police. Aiden is trapped in a life filled with turmoil, deception and constant fear of violent repercussions. Along the way, Aiden struggles with alcohol, a failing marriage and divorce and constant threats of death from all sides, resulting in a nearly-successful attempt on his life. The constant stress finally leads to a massive heart attack, followed by a devastating diagnosis of ALS. 

Yet, through it all, Aiden survives. With the help of a supportive and loving wife and an old friend, he unexpectedly finds peace on a spiritual journey which leads him to the Baha’i faith.

This unflinching, honest, and sharp memoir chronicles Aiden’s life in three parts from mob life to undercover informant to finding peace at last.

Aiden said: “My journey and life has been filled with drama and violence, it is a path I did not intend. I am honest throughout the book and it has been difficult to chronicle my story but I found it an important and enlightening process and I have now found peace with my life.

“My faith has helped transform me from a self-centered, violent and angry person to someone who believes in tolerance, forgiveness and love for every human being.”–Aiden Gabor

Conflicting Loyalties is available to buy via Amazon from September, 19. Priced $27.99 for hardback copy.

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