Kirk Cameron isn't running from his critics — he's extending an olive branch instead

During peak times of American divisiveness, Kirk aims to make peace with enemies

CONROE, Texas, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Actor, author, and beloved family advocate Kirk Cameron is excited to announce the release of his newest children’s book on October 23rd, 2023. Cameron, who has authored two previous children’s books that touched on important themes such as the fruits of the spirit and humility, has turned his attention to what he considers the most pressing issue for today’s children: loving one’s enemies. As children witness conflicts between political parties, global disputes, and even familial divides, it’s become more crucial than ever to instill in them the lessons of compassion and understanding. He does so in a most engaging and clever way in his book, The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare.

During peak times of American divisiveness, Kirk aims to make peace with enemies

Kirk Cameron’s impressive career includes roles in beloved TV shows and films, such as Growing Pains and Fireproof, which have made him a household name. However, his true passion lies in spreading messages of faith, family values, and personal growth. Cameron’s commitment to inspiring and nurturing families through his acting, speaking engagements, and literature has established him as a beloved figure in the world of family entertainment.

“Our world is at war, literally,” said Cameron recently in an interview. He references the various conflicts surrounding us, including those overseas between the Russians and Ukrainians and Israelis and Palestinians, but not forgetting the major cultural battles we’ve been facing here in the United States as well. Kirk also points out, “all along, our children are watching, trying to make sense of things. If we can show them something different, if we can show them that we’re really all brothers, we can give them hope.”

In his latest literary endeavor, Cameron does just that. He gives families and children hope by taking young readers on an enlightening journey and emphasizing the significance of loving one’s enemies. Published under the BRAVE Books imprint, this heartwarming story offers a timely message of unity and compassion, especially in a world filled with division and abhorrence.

The ninth book in the third Saga of BRAVE’s Freedom Island series takes readers back to a young Asher, the fox. A family of giraffes and Asher’s relatives have been disputing for years and come face-to-face at the town invention fair. Asher is set to compete against his peer and enemy, Stewart the giraffe. When an accident causes Asher and Stewart’s inventions to break, they find themselves scrambling to fix them in time for judging. When it comes time for Stewart’s evaluation, his invention doesn’t work. Asher, who knows just what it needs, is faced with the decision to help his enemy or watch him fail. Asher makes a courageous decision that changes the course of each family’s hatred for one another for generations to come.

Kirk’s passion behind this book also comes from a personal experience he witnessed of complete forgiveness and loving one’s enemy. While attending a “Restore America” rally, Kirk and the audience heard from an older man and his wife about their gut-wrenching story of how their teenage son was violently gunned down and murdered by another young man in a gang. They shared about their unwavering faith in God, His goodness in the face of evil, and how he works all things together for good. Then they introduced us to a 20-year-old man who stepped up to the microphone and explained how, years ago, he got caught up in the wrong crowd, joined a gang, committed a violent crime, and was sent to jail. He said that one day, he was visited by the man and the woman standing behind them, and they revealed to him that they were the parents of the young man that he had murdered.

The couple spoke to him about God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness. They told him that they forgave him for what he did. When that young man got out of prison, the couple adopted him into their family, made him their son, and raised him with the same love they had for their other son. In tears, the young man explained how the power of love and forgiveness and faith in God had forever changed him and given him a new life.

As we approach another election year, Cameron’s message is particularly pertinent. “The right vs. left” and the division between Republicans and Democrats are becoming increasingly apparent, with the media setting the stage for contentious confrontations. Cameron underscores the need to treat those who hold differing opinions with love and respect, echoing Jesus’s call to not just stand for others but to forgive and love and pray for them. Cameron not only wants to spread this message, but he is determined to put it into action. He plans to meet with several individuals who have different views than his in order to show society that you can have a genuine conversation with someone from the opposite aisle.

With vivid storytelling and inspiring illustrations, The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare is a powerful tool for parents and educators to engage children in conversations about unity, empathy, and the transformative power of love. Kirk Cameron continues to make a positive impact on the world by sharing these vital life lessons with children and families across the globe.

Kirk Cameron is a Christian, producer, actor, television and film icon, and loving husband and father of six. Kirk has made an impact in our society through films like Fireproof, The Homeschool Awakening, and Lifemark, and through many speaking engagements at churches and pro-life events. Kirk linked arms with BRAVE Books in December of 2022 and has been lighting brushfires of faith across the country through his national See You at the Library campaign. His passion for bringing traditional biblical and American values back to public spaces such as libraries and schools is contagious and is reviving hope for families everywhere.

BRAVE Books is a children’s book publishing house based in Texas whose mission is to help

parents instill a love of truth in their children to help them withstand harmful progressive influences. BRAVE Books partners with people of moral integrity to write a new children’s book every single month that teaches a different traditional, American value. To support what BRAVE Books is doing, head to their website and subscribe to their series.

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