Just in time for the era of spatial computing ushered in by Apple's Vision Pro, arrives the definitive guide for business professionals written by tech experts Cathy Hackl and Irena Cronin

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Announced today is the forthcoming publication of the book, Spatial Computing: An AI-Driven Business Revolution, which examines how the next phase of the Internet—fueled by a multimodal, vision-enabled AI—is going to change how we interact with both physical and digital worlds. Written by Cathy Hackl, co-CEO of Spatial Dynamics, and Irena Cronin, co-founder and SVP of Product at DADOS Technology, the book will guide readers through the next technological breakthrough known as spatial computing which promises the kind of change that came with the introduction of the smartphone and will expand computing into everything you can see, touch and know.

Here is the definitive business guide to spatial computing and the spatial internet written by Hackl and Cronin.

Spatial computing uses AI, computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and other technologies to blend virtual experiences into a person’s experience of the physical world and create a form of computing that works in three dimensions. Driven by advances in software, hardware, data, and connectivity, it enables people to interact with each other and tech in new ways, and machines new capabilities to navigate our physical world. By adding a virtual layer to a user’s experience of the physical world, it allows images, sounds, and accelerations processed by a device to contribute to real-time perceptions. Our eyes become a mouse and our gestures are clickers in the spatial internet.

As seen from the surge in artificial intelligence, organizations have quickly learned the value of being able to adapt and adopt new technology at a high level to remain competitive. This new book Spatial Computing will empower organizations to leap ahead of competitors in the latest digital realm, one that could rival AI’s growth and make traditional mobile technology like the cellphone obsolete.

Spatial Computing draws on the combined experience and decades of expertise of its authors: Cathy Hackl – a globally recognized tech and gaming executive, emerging tech expert, futurist, and keynote speaker – and Irena Cronin – a renowned consultant in the immersive space – to offer exclusive insider knowledge of what’s happening in our new era of spatial computing.

The book, which explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and spatial computing technologies, offers the playbook for business leaders looking to navigate immersive experiences and digital transformation in an ever-changing, competitive landscape based on real-world case studies and actionable advice.

“The history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, not linear. Spatial computing and AI are modifying our way of producing and interacting at an unprecedented speed,” said Former Head of Brands at Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and former Global Head of Strategy & Innovation at Accenture XR, Raffaella Camera. “Cathy & Irena’s smart, yet simple-to-understand analysis and considerations are a must-read for any leader who wants to compete and be relevant in the new digital era.”

Spatial Computing: An AI-Driven Business Revolution will be published by Wiley on May 14 and explores such new frontiers as:

  • The new paradigm of human-to-human and human-computer interaction, enhancing how we visualize, simulate, and interact with data in physical and virtual locations
  • Navigating the world alongside robots, drones, cars, virtual assistants, and beyond―without the limitation of just one technology or device
  • Insights, tools and illustrative use cases that enable businesses to harness the convergence of AI and spatial computing today and in the decade to come via both hardware and software

For more information, visit spatialcomputingbook.com or email Emily Provost at Fortier Public Relations at [email protected].


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