Jamie Cohen and Michael Sorrentino Announce the Release of, Virtual Presenting: A Guide to Formats, Production and Authentic Delivery, An Informative Book on How to Master Producing, Presenting, and Broadcasting in Remote Environments

Virtual Presenting is an essential guide and resource for all students and professionals in media production and broadcasting to become stronger communicators and visual presenters

NEW YORK, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jamie Cohen and Michael Sorrentino are proud to offer the latest insight on how to master virtual presenting by making an authentic connection across the virtual landscape. In the new era of virtual learning and working, this book is a must read for all individuals interested in media, broadcasting, and communications.

Unlike traditional studio production where a presenter is surrounded by a crew and cameras, the virtual presenter is often isolated or connected to a remote crew.  Virtual Presenting: A Guide to Formats, Production and Authentic Delivery addresses the unprecedented steps media professionals have taken to adapt to remote work environments while highlighting specific tools and techniques used to overcome this transition. As virtual working practices continue to expand, this book provides a clear guide to producing, presenting, and broadcasting in a remote context. Topics covered include how to build a virtual setup; how to appear on camera; how to appear confident and comfortable; and how to optimize your presentation voice.

Both authors offer a unique perspective to Virtual Presenting and demonstrate how to tell effective stories across the entire news media landscape of webcasting, webinars, livestreams, and virtual events. The book strategically uses success stories and case studies from teachers, students, and professionals to exemplify how the guidelines translate into best practices.

“Writing this book is important because remote video production and presentation skills will be more important as we consider access and climate concerns,” says Jamie Cohen, seasoned writer, speaker, and producer with a PhD in Cultural and Media Studies, he adds “Learning remote digital video tools as well as how to present with them professionally will benefit my students for the rest of their lives.” Cohen is also a digital culture expert who teaches Media Studies at CUNY Queens.

“Virtual Presenting is the essential guidebook for students and professionals alike. Our aim is to provide comprehensive research, practical advice, and actionable strategies in a digestible format, empowering readers to effectively connect with their audience, no matter the platform or format,” says Michael Sorrentino, Producer, Entrepreneur, and founder of Sorrentino Media – which specializes in all forms of digital media. “This book serves as a valuable resource to master the art of remote production, one page at a time.” Sorrentino is an experienced industry leader in remote video production. His early career began in news production, and he has taken many of those learned methods and technologies into livestreaming content for global brands.

Developed differently from other books/guides on producing, presenting, and broadcasting, Virtual Presenting takes a novel approach on how to operate more efficiently and effectively within virtual work environments.

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