David Fleming and Hachette Explore the Founding of America in New Book: WHO’S YOUR FOUNDING FATHER?

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Who’s Your Founding Father? an explosive new book from David Fleming and Hachette, explores the incredible discovery of a centuries-old secret document with the potential to unravel the origin story of America while revealing Thomas Jefferson as an unrepentant plagiarist, and much worse. And now, Fleming argues, everything we once understood about America’s founding, even the designation of July 4th as our independence holiday, is up for debate. It’s a shocking theory supported by many historians and scholars, including Ken Burns and the late David McCullough, as well as 11 US presidents, starting with John Adams who, in an 1819 letter, was the first to accuse Jefferson of both plagiarism and conspiring to cover up his crimes.

David Fleming has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Thomas Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence and then sought to cover it up,” says the renowned historian Andrew Roberts, the author of Napoleon, Churchill, and The Last King of America. “This is historical detective work at its best.”

In his third book, WHO’S YOUR FOUNDING FATHER? One Man’s Epic Quest to Uncover the First, True Declaration of Independence (Hachette Books; 5/16/23; 9780306828775) author and longtime ESPN Senior Writer David Fleming goes on a global, gonzo-style deep dive into our country’s history to uncover America’s first, true declaration of independence: The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Known as the MecDec, the document was crafted by several Princeton scholars and signed by a rebellious group of Scots-Irish patriots in Charlotte on May 20, 1775 – a date that’s still featured on the state flag of North Carolina. “The genuine sense of America at that moment was never so well expressed before, nor since,” Adams wrote of the MecDec in 1819 after discovering substantial proof that Jefferson had plagiarized the May 20, 1775 declaration and then organized an international cover-up, a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of government and remains on-going to this very day.

Picking up where Adams left off, Fleming uncovered astounding new details that journalist and author Tommy Tomlinson says “will change how you see American history, and that is not hyperbole.” Among them: The significant role the Scots-Irish played in the Revolutionary War, especially in the critical, but rarely discussed, Southern Theatre. The heroic ride of Captain James Jack, who rode 537 miles farther than Paul Revere to deliver the MecDec to Congress in 1775. The re-discovery, after more than a century, of the “lost” Freedom Spring, the natural spring where the MecDec was crafted and the spot that confirms Charlotte’s standing as America’s true cradle of freedom and May 20th as the country’s real Independence Day.

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