Incensed Ex-Violent Crime Detective empowers families to avoid becoming victims

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the face of escalating violence and growing concerns for the safety of our families, former SJPD Violent Crime Detective Joe Grasso has taken matters into his own hands. Grasso’s street experience prior to becoming a cop, combined with his time as a detective and gang expert, has exposed him to the harsh reality of crime in our society. “With many criminals being released back onto the streets soon after arrest, reduced police staffing levels, and the influx of unvetted violent criminal offenders entering our country, the odds have never been higher for becoming a victim of violent crime,” says Grasso. “Our families are at risk.”

Unlike traditional self-defense classes, “Survive The Danger” offers a unique approach by providing experts with true life-or-death street combat experience to instruct our classes. Participants will learn crucial strategies such as alertness, situational awareness, and effective response tactics to violent encounters. Designed for the 99% of the population with limited self-defense skills, “Survive The Danger” aims to empower individuals to proactively protect themselves and their loved ones.

The seminar incorporates actual security camera footage to provide step-by-step evaluations of various violent situations, enabling participants to handle similar scenarios effectively. Topics such as avoiding attacks, identifying escape routes, defense techniques, and communication strategies for personal safety will be thoroughly discussed.

“Survive The Danger” goes beyond the seminar itself. Participants will receive an information-packed 32-page booklet that covers numerous essential topics to help keep you and your family safe!

To ensure practical application, his certified instructors will guide participants through three simple but highly effective self-defense techniques. These techniques can serve as a last resort to keep victims safe during violent encounters.

Companies can book “Survive The Danger” as “Team Building” events, ensuring the safety of employees and fostering a secure and safe work environment.

Grasso underscores the importance of making informed decisions before conflicts arise. “Survive The Danger” has the potential to save lives and protect our loved ones by equipping participants with the necessary skills and information.

For more information about the “Survive The Danger” seminar schedule and registration, please visit¬†or contact Joe Grasso directly at [email protected].

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