Illinois Lawyer Creates Fantastical Adventure Books for Young Readers, Inspired by His Two Daughters' Love of Magic, Mystery, and Suspense

The Last Triceracorn, Books One and Two, by Vincent M. Miceli Available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble

BARTLETT, Ill., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — An epic two-book series of adventures featuring two young, vibrant, and gifted sisters Matea, 14, and Luciana, 11, battling against magical foes, uniting with other children with special powers from around the world, and using their talents to defeat evil, has been recently penned by Illinois lawyer Vincent M. Miceli. The Last Triceracorn Book One and The Last Triceracorn Book Two were inspired by the author’s two daughters, Matea and Luciana, who were avid readers with big imaginations and loved the fantasy stories that their father developed for them at bedtime. Eventually they persuaded him to write his stories down, a journey which began in 2017 and led to the publication of his first award-winning book in 2022, which has sold 6000 copies. The second book in his series came out earlier this year. For logo, images of the book and photographs click here.

Vincent M. Miceli’s award-winning The Last Triceracorn books take young readers on magical, fantasy-filled adventures.

“I would call myself an accidental author. While my day job as a lawyer requires me to spend many hours reading legal documents and defending clients in court, at home I found a creative release in the form of inventing a magical world for my girls,” explained Miceli, 54. “They were always fascinated by childhood fairies, the idea of talking with animals and complex riddles and plots full of twists. My aim was to create a world for them where two young girls are the heroes and, like them, strong-willed and filled with ingenuity.”

Miceli describes The Last Triceracorn books as non-stop adventure, almost like a scavenger hunt with secret codes to be solved along the way. “But parents can be reassured that it’s all good clean fun, without swearing or gross violence, no politics, no racism or negativity – apart from defeating evil monsters – which was important to me as I know it is to many parents,” he added.

In Book One the young heroines find themselves captured by an unknown enemy, a monster called Kruug, find their old friend Zucco, a majestical bear, and team up with an international band of equally talented children to save the Triceracorn, a mystical creature who supplies the earth with positive balance. The adventure continues in Book Two and includes haunted houses, fictional forests, and tribal islands.

Book One has received the PenCraft Award’s Best Book Winner Fall 2023 in the Children/Preteen category and Second Place in BookFest’s 2023 Book Awards Competition in the Children’s Fiction Action and Adventure category. Book critics have awarded Miceli five stars for his books and during 35 book signings he has sold out of books. Fans have now started donating their beloved book to nonprofit organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish Illinois, KidsMatter and Lurie Children’s Hospital amongst many others, so that other children can enjoy the magic, suspense and unique characters too.

Miceli also offered children who attended signings for Book One the chance to appear as a character in Book Two. Participants got to spin a big wheel to win their opportunity and there were 33 winners, who all received a mention in Book Two.

For more information, or to order a signed copy, go to The Last Triceracorn Books One and Two are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart and other booksellers.

About Vincent Miceli and The Last Triceracorn books

A lawyer by day, and writer by night, Vincent Miceli is the author of two fantasy books for children and young adults called The Last Triceracorn Book One and The Last Triceracorn Book Two. The books were inspired by his own daughters, Matea and Luciana, who enjoyed the magical adventure stories their father told them when they were younger and persuaded him to write a book to capture his amazing adventures for other children. For more information go to

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