From Country Hits to Inspiring Kids: Country Music Hit-Maker RaeLynn Brings Life to "Raisin' Me A Country Girl" with Her Debut Children's Book Out Today

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Racheal Davis, widely known by her stage name RaeLynn, is a country music singer, songwriter, and two-time ACM “New Female Vocalist” nominee. She has gold and platinum singles, and her debut album arrived at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, one of very few to do so. She debuted as an actress on the Hallmark Channel and became the first country face to represent the global beauty brand Too Faced. Adding to her list of achievements, she is releasing a children’s book in partnership with Brave Books. “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl” is based on her hit song and is also the book’s namesake. Her book describes the adventures of a little country girl who is not afraid to be, you guessed it, a country girl!

Parents need entertainment for their kids that they can trust. This is why I’m excited to partner with BRAVE for my new kid’s book. 

RaeLynn’s music career started when she performed on The Voice in 2012. She has shared the stage with many stars, including musical legends Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, and Miranda Lambert. She married in 2015 and is now a mother to her beautiful baby girl, Daisy. In fact, RaeLynn’s hit song ‘Raisin’ Me a Country Girl’ was inspired by her daughter. She explained that “growing up in Texas, I was always outside playing in the dirt, rocking a sundress with my dog and even a couple of goats. The values expressed in this song were instilled in me at a very young age, and now I want to pass them on to my daughter. I love ‘Raisin’ Me A Country Girl’ because it celebrates being strong, and that’s what I want Daisy to be – a strong, sweet, tough girl who knows what matters most in life.”

Her book ‘Raisin’ Me a Country Girl’ follows a sundress-wearing, pink jeep-driving little girl named Daisy who loves her Pup Pup and isn’t afraid of a little mud. One day, Pup Pup runs away, and Daisy has to search for him with all her farm friends’ help. While she drives around in her jeep looking for Pup Pup, she encounters several messy obstacles, which she tackles head-on without hesitation. When she returns home, she realizes she is covered in mud and ruined her new blue dress. The story ends with Daisy’s mom realizing that she was just like Daisy when she was little.

RaeLynn’s book has a nostalgic feel, with classic illustrations that take you back to the “good ole days.” Children who use their imagination to go on fun adventures outside with friends are rarely seen nowadays. A recent study conducted by OnePoll found that 57% of parents worry that their kids are not playing outside enough and that American children spend 35% less time playing outside freely than their parents did. Additionally, 65% of parents surveyed said they played outside daily during their childhood, while less than 30% of their children do the same today.

RaeLynn, with the help of her new children’s book, is on a mission to encourage kids to just be kids again. She urges parents to unplug from all the confusing content available to children. Disconnect with devices and reconnect with reality. Raelynn stated, “When writing this book, I kept remembering how much fun it was to play outside for hours and use my imagination. I wanted to convey the message that allowing kids to be kids by letting them explore might get a little crazy and dirty, but at the end of the day is freeing.”

RaeLynn’s book and other BRAVE Books encourage children to feel free to get messy, play and imagine while teaching valuable lessons and morals. ‘Raisin’ Me a Country Girl’ officially releases this week! You can grab a copy of RaeLynn’s book at

RaeLynn is a country music singer and songwriter with gold and platinum singles who is a two-time ACM “New Female Vocalist” nominee. She won The Voice in 2012, and her debut album was #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. She has performed with many successful musicians, including Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton.

BRAVE Books is a children’s book publishing house based in Texas whose mission is to help parents instill a love of truth in their children.

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