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LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Margaret Levi and Robert R. Katz write, “We must step out of a guild mentality to recognize that the complex, entangled nature of contemporary social problems demands collaboration among experts whose fields evolved with different — sometimes conflicting — priorities… If we want technologies that will not undermine our humanity, social analysts must join with other researchers.” In his book Reconceptualizing Mental Illness in the Digital Age, Elliott B. Martin, Jr. brings his multidisciplinary expertise as linguistics, philology and psychiatry to assess the current age and the evolution of the digital disorders that are features of it. He maintains that “mental well-being or ill-being cannot be divorced from the environment, whether physical or cyber.”

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Below is this month’s selection by category.


Literature & Fiction

As Time Goes By by W. Royce Adams ISBN: 979-8986488509

No, You’re Crazy by Jeff Beamish ISBN: 978-1803412160

Scar Songs: Stories by W. Royce Adams ISBN: 979-8986488523

Send Down the Master in Person: reflections on Adolf Eichmann by A. Keith Carreiro ISBN: 978-0997382730


The Amish Bible Story Series Trilogy: Abraham and Sarah’s Amish Baby, Hosea and Gomer’s Amish Secret and Boaz and Ruth’s Amish Love by Ashley Emma ISBN: 979-8430947743

The Amish Fairytale Series Trilogy: Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Pauper by Ashley Emma ISBN: 979-8842055524

Esther’s Amish Bravery (Book Four of the Amish Bible Story series) by Ashley Emma ISBN: 979-8835438693

Game On (Book Three of the Winners Inc. series) by Kathia ISBN: 978-1944560690

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Season of the Dragon (Book One of the Dragos Primeri series) by Natalie Wright ISBN: 979-8987491201


Brooklyn Beaver almost Builds a Dam (Book One of the Brooklyn Beaver series) by Florenza Denise Lee ISBN: 978-1941328545


Biographies & Memoirs

The Body Joyful: my journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance by Anne Poirier ISBN: 978-1949116816

Neurology Rounds with the Maverick: adventures with patients from the golden age of medicine by Bernard M. Patten ISBN: 978-1945884627


Automotive Search Marketing by Alex Melen ISBN: 978-1637352113

Business Success Secrets: entrepreneurial thinking that works by Tamara L. Nall et al. ISBN: 978-1637350522

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: selling economic self-determination in a post-Soviet world

 by Gregory V. Diehl  ISBN: 978-1945884597

Offshore Riches: a guide to recession-proofing your business by Raymond Hopkins ISBN: 979-8390384053

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans: the traveling expat’s guide to living, working, and staying tax compliant abroad by Olivier Wagner  ISBN: 978-1945884061

Health, Family & Lifestyle

How to Live to 100: secrets from the world’s happiest centenarians by Elizabeth Lopez ISBN: 978-1943386550

Politics & Social Sciences

Adoration and Pilgrimage: James Dean and Fairmount by James F. Hopgood ISBN: 979-8886790108

Reconceptualizing Mental Illness in the Digital Age by Elliott Martin ISBN: 978-1527595699

Religion & Spirituality

The Hidden Secrets of the Master’s Mind: how you can live with God’s time by Apelu Poe ISBN: 979-8987380024

Songs in the Night: how God transforms our pain to praise by Michael A. Milton ISBN: 978-1596382213

Science & Math

Brain Habits: the science of subconscious success by Phillip John Campbell ISBN: 978-1637350904


An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed by John Paul Carinci ISBN: 978-9381860311

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