Fabiana Lacerca-Allen Partners With Forbes Books To Author Leadership Guide For Facing Crises

CHARLESTON, S.C., May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, an international authority and distinguished figure in the realm of corporate compliance, is partnering with Forbes Books to author her first book, which will help early-career executives develop the skills needed to lead confidently through difficult times.

“I am excited about this opportunity to work with Forbes Books and share an empowering message for aspiring leaders,” Lacerca-Allen says.

“That message is that you can build your capabilities to adapt to an evolving landscape, accurately interpret the behaviors of others, and respond with toughness and grit to crises. By harnessing your instinct and intuition, by developing your ability to identify opportunities and assess potential risks, you can become a more effective, more capable, and more strategic leader.”

Her book, tentatively titled Crisis Capable: Building Your Capacity to Survive and Succeed in Every Environment, will weave together her dramatic personal story with the important lessons she has for aspiring leaders. It is expected to be available for purchase in the fall of 2024.

As a child growing up in Argentina during the military dictatorship, Lacerca-Allen survived three kidnapping attempts. Her father, a businessman whose democratic beliefs made him a constant target, taught her the importance of planning, living your values, and being willing to take risks to seize opportunities.

These life lessons, and the practical capabilities to implement them, will be at the heart of her book. Lacerca-Allen will challenge aspiring C-suite leaders to build their crisis competencies and she will help them hone the situational awareness, self-management, and adaptive-thinking skills needed to respond to unanticipated events.

Lacerca-Allen will also inspire her readers, especially diverse and underrepresented future leaders, to identify how to value themselves, their skills, and their capabilities in a way that fully reflects what they bring to their workplace.

About Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen is a seasoned expert in compliance and corporate governance, boasting a remarkable career marked by her dedication to justice and integrity. With a background shaped by Argentina’s struggle against corruption, she has established herself as a leading authority, having implemented compliance programs at Fortune 100 companies and served on the board of Arthrocare. Lacerca-Allen is renowned for her strategic acumen and global influence and has been recognized by prestigious publications and organizations, including Compliance Week and Hispanic Executive Magazine, for her exceptional leadership. A sought-after speaker and contributor to industry discourse, Lacerca-Allen holds degrees from Universidad de Buenos Aires and UCLA.

About Forbes Books

Forbes Books (forbesbooks.com) is the exclusive book publisher of Forbes. Forbes Books identifies and selects authors who are game changers and thought leaders in their fields. They are people who recognize how publishing a book can elevate their message and inspire audiences to better themselves and the world around them. Since its launch in 2016, Forbes Books has grown into the premier independent business book publisher.

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