Exquisite Symphony of Life Agenda Planning System From Culturs Gives the Gift of Organization and Living Life to Its Fullest all Year Long

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Symphony of Life agenda planners were the first of their kind – created to fit varied lifestyles and creative or logistical tastes to achieve life goals. The paper agenda planning system consists of an Annual planning book, Daily planning books geared toward specific lifestyles and add-on books for finance, fitness or project planning to assist individuals in creating the life of their dreams.

“I created this system because nothing on the market quite fit my needs,” said Culturs founder Doni Aldine, who designed and distributed the product before the smartphone boom. Like many others, she’d fallen prey to the digital lifestyle, with a smartphone at the center. “You couldn’t get me to give up my phone,” she quipped, “but as the years passed, my schedule felt more-and-more out of control. Tasks seemed to take longer and my electronic systems felt more chaotic.”

Wondering why she stopped using the tool that continually kept her mind at ease and tasks on schedule, she went back to this tried-and-true life planning system. Three days in, she felt more calm, accomplished and balanced. “Like magic, it no longer felt like a full day of activity with no achievement. I systematically was able to focus on the most important tasks each day, and ease my mind by clearing the clutter of things-to-do on my digital list and calendar. And stay stylish in the process,” she said.

The Symphony of Life system’s annual book focuses on big picture goals and specific objectives by providing a place for annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly organizational tools. Vision boards built into the system keep life goals top-of-mind; while daily books fit the style of the user. Daily books include “The Techie,” a perfect smartphone companion; “The Juggler,” for entrepreneurs and students who need to focus on more than one major area each day; “The Superhero” for busy parents to plan up to six schedules daily, and “The Zen,” which provides a visual assessment of work/life balance. There also is a daily calendar for die-hard agenda-planning traditionalists. The system rounds out with a fitness planner, debt elimination book, project notes and more, so individuals can organize to suit their individual style. 

Up to four books are housed in a gorgeous hand-hewn leather jacket with copper detail and unique binding that allow for seamless viewing of annual, monthly and daily information at the flip of the wrist. Annual books also can be used on their own, without a jacket, yet still sporting a gorgeous copper and white design that makes these planners as unique as they are beautiful. Includes customizable tabs, stickers and other accessories.

Symphony of Life agenda planners system pieces retail from $7.99 to $79.99 at CultursMag.com/Shop


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