Debut Novel Our Game Celebrates the Trailblazing Journey of the First Woman in Professional Baseball

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply love stories of triumph over adversity, Our Game is a remarkable read that transcends the boundaries of time and gender, reminding us that the pursuit of our dreams is worth every challenge we face along the way.

CLEVELAND, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Author Jeffrey P. Shafer invites readers on an inspiring adventure with his debut novel, Our Game. This thought-provoking work of fiction delves into the captivating story of Maria, a fearless and determined young woman who embarks on a trailblazing journey to break down the gender barrier in America’s beloved sport, baseball.

Our Game follows Maria’s extraordinary path as she confronts skepticism and societal stereotypes that have kept women out of the game she adores. With unwavering passion, she showcases her undeniable skills on the diamond and gains attention from audiences who are captivated by her talent. With a little help from some mysterious new friends, Maria faces exhilarating victories and heart-wrenching setbacks along her remarkable odyssey.

Readers will be enthralled as they witness Maria’s unyielding spirit and determination to make her mark in America’s national pastime. “Our Game” transcends the boundaries of time and gender, offering a universal tale of triumph over adversity. Shafer’s engaging prose skillfully portrays Maria’s journey, capturing the essence of her victories, the impact of her setbacks, and the depth of her resilience.

“Whether you’re a passionate sports enthusiast or someone who appreciates stories of tenacity and triumph, Our Game will resonate,” says author Jeffrey P. Shafer. “Maria’s pursuit of her dreams serves as a powerful reminder that no challenge is insurmountable when fueled by unwavering determination.”

Our Game promises to captivate readers with its engaging storytelling, memorable characters, and powerful message of perseverance. Shafer’s debut novel is set to become an instant classic, leaving an indelible mark on the literary world. It is a story whose time has come.

Our Game is available now in bookstores and online retailers. Review Copies and interviews upon request.

About Jeffrey P. Shafer: Jeffrey P. Shafer was born in New York City and raised in the Washington, DC area. During his career as a successful business owner, he started teaching entrepreneurship courses at a women’s college. Following the sale of his business, Jeff started working as a high school and club volleyball coach. He was inspired to write a novel about the acceptance of women into professional sports after listening to the hopes and dreams of his students and athletes. Jeff currently resides in Cleveland and San Diego and is at work on his second book.

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“Maria’s pursuit of her dreams serves as a powerful reminder that no challenge is insurmountable when fueled by unwavering determination.”

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