CZUR Obtains New Curve Flattening Patent to Upgrade Smart Book Scanners

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CZUR TECH CO., LTD (“CZUR” or “the Company”), a leading smart hardware solution provider primarily known for its overhead book scanners, has obtained a new patent for its latest self-developed technology that advances the book flattening results for its popular document-scanning products.


CZUR’s latest invention highlights a laser rapid calibration method for a book flattening line and a laser scanner. Such a new technique offers a strong upgrade for a wide range of its product lineups with an updated algorithm, ensuring a smoother user experience and better scanning results.

In a bid to generate more precise and high-quality scanning results, the Company has adopted its latest flattening technology in the upgraded designs in a slew of its book scanners, including its ET series, Aura series, and the M3000 Pro V2 model.

“Technology innovation should never be taken advantaged of only by a few privileged but should be enjoyed by every ordinary person,” Zhou Kang, CEO of CZUR, said. “At CZUR, we’re committed to challenging and changing the traditional thinking of product development through constant innovation and product upgrades, so we can make our products simpler, smarter, and more humane.”

With the Company’s latest patent, CZUR is poised to take its book scanners up a notch. Its latest M3000 Pro V2 model, a revolutionary book scanning solution, comes with software features including holes filling, antiquarian mode, and preview at any scale during box-select and trimming. Together with the support of the new technique, the device can generate more precise scanning results at a higher speed.

The Company has also adopted the new technology in its ET series and Aura series. The ET series automatically flattens the curves of the documents or books with its advanced laser beams moving across the sheets and detecting the 3-dimensional shape and angle of the pages. With its calibrated laser sensor and detachable side lamp, the Aura series can easily scan materials with more accuracy in a more flexible way.

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About CZUR Tech

Founded in 2013, CZUR develops smart hardware solutions for enterprises and individuals. Its smart office appliances include the latest technologies and human touch to improve work efficiency in work environments fundamentally. Its product lines cover hardware, PC services, cloud services, web services, app development, and algorithms.

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