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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Daisy Alpert fLorin explains, “novelists love to tell the story of outsiders, and in a sense, everyone’s an outsider in college. No matter where you come from or what privileges you bring with you, you are coming from somewhere else and must learn how to become part of a community with new rules and mores. Even those who are part of the prevailing culture are forced to navigate relationships with people who aren’t.” In Zara D. Macias’s short novel The Inevitable Loss of Innocence, the protagonist is doubly an outsider at an elite metropolitan university, being from small-town Kentucky and a Latina.

LibraryBub, an industry first, was established in 2015. Dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries, it works in conjunction with all major libraries. The core commitment of the LibraryBub service is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. These books hold immense potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. Irish novelist Martina Devlin recalls her first visit to a library. “I never dreamed such a place existed! It was the town library. My father led me to the children’s section and as he told my mother later, let me at it. He took himself off to another part of the room, lined with those peculiar books grown-ups seemed to like, although they had no pictures.

Meanwhile, I feasted on stories about talking rabbits and lost puppies. But in jig-speed, it was time to go home. With a heavy heart, I closed over the book I was reading, wondering when I’d be allowed into this Emerald City again.” Librarians enable writers to make that kind of difference to people’s lives, and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska considers it a privilege to support them in that role.

Below is this month’s selection by category.


Literature & Fiction

The Inevitable Loss of Innocence by  Zara D. Macias ISBN: 978-1637351925

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Encounters with Demons (Book One of the Brotherhood of the Beloved series) by P.A. Minyard  ISBN: 978-1943386581

Demons at War (Book Two of the Brotherhood of the Beloved series) by P.A. Minyard ISBN: 978-1943386604

Demon Vengeance (Book Three of the Brotherhood of the Beloved series) by P.A. Minyard ISBN: 978-1943386710


Biographies & Memoirs

Next Step: a predicted death defeated by love by Sandra Poppenga ISBN: 978-1637352502


Awakening by Areva Martin ISBN: 978-1637351253

Business As UnUsual by Rick Yvanovich ISBN: 978-1637352335

Chaos by Design by Kader Sakkaria, Imran Karbhari and Trevor Macomber ISBN: 978-1637350041

CIONET Cookbook No. 2: recipes for digital success by Hendrik Deckers ASIN: B0BZGXD7JS

The CyberSecurity Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO by Jean-Christophe Gaillard  ISBN: 978-1637351864

Inevitable Revolutions by Aaron Vick ISBN: 978-1637350218

Invest and Grow Rich: achieve financial independence with $500 a month by Sanjay Jaybhay ISBN: 978-1943386659

Multifamily Apartment Syndications by Chris Roberts ISBN: 978-1637352359

Own Success: a proven method to succeed in business with a franchise by Dan Citrenbaum ISBN: 978-1637351765

Stifled: where good leaders go wrong by James G. Wetrich ISBN: 978-1637350386

Too Blue!: the IBM PC from an acorn to a renegade by Dennis Andrews ISBN: 978-1637350034

Why Brave Women Win by Jill Bausch ISBN: 978-1637351529

Science & Math

Brain Habits: the science of subconscious success by Phillip John Campbell ISBN: 978-1637350904


Confessions of an Ironman by David Solyomi ISBN: 978-1637351079


Sweetie, That’s Not Sweets! by Kathleen Humel ISBN: 978-1637351734

Children’s author Alan Hesse was very pleased to see the “traction and interest” in his book that LibraryBub generated. He was impressed by the efforts to put his book (The Adventures of Polo the Bear) in front of librarians. Participating in the Author Remake program, he explains,”Not only am I getting great live education and advice from Alinka… but also this unexpected exposure to libraries, which somehow passed beneath my radar of expectations.”

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