Capturing the Attention of Millions

David Jeremiah’s The Great Disappearance and Perhaps Today campaign captures the attention of millions and sends videos viral

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In October, Dr. David Jeremiah, founder and host of Turning Point broadcast ministry, launched his newest book and teaching series, The Great Disappearance. In less than a month, the book has climbed various best-selling charts and reached #4 on Amazon. To coincide with this launch, Dr. Jeremiah’s production company produced a series of pre-enactment videos aimed at grabbing viewers’ attention and curiosity through thought-provoking video clips depicting the moment of the Rapture. The pre-enactment videos have gone viral. They have garnered over 330 million views, been shared and re-shared, and fact-checked by the Associated Press, Politico, and AFP. 

“I couldn’t have fathomed what has transpired.” The Great Disappearance is sending ripples through society.

Dr. Jeremiah stated, “I couldn’t have fathomed what has transpired…this campaign has surpassed our wildest dreams.” 

The purpose of the book and teaching was to bring clarity to an often mysterious and misunderstood topic. The goal for the campaign was simple—get people talking about the Rapture. 

And it worked.

Through compelling short stories, millions visited the Perhaps Today website, which leveraged long-form video content, long-form written content, FAQs, and interactive quizzes to engage visitors further. The campaign fostered conversations and opened dialogue about the world we live in today and the future of humanity. In an increasingly post-Christian society, it was highly fascinating to see how the subject of the Rapture captivated millions. From interesting comments and conversations online to news outlets fact-checking stories and authors using the book to create their books, the success of The Great Disappearance is sending ripples through society.

 Here is just a quick snapshot of the numbers:

  • 5.9 million media plays of The Great Disappearance teaching series
  • 330 million pre-enactment video views
  • 2.5 million Perhaps Today page views
  • 28,000 requests for Your Greatest Turning Point booklet
  • #7 on the USA Today best-selling booklist
  • #6 on The Wall Street Journal nonfiction list
  • #1 religion nonfiction on BookScan

But as with any campaign, there has been some pushback. There have been those who have said the content is controversial, the videos are fearmongering, and the belief is false. It’s interesting to see the variety of responses, especially from individuals inside the Christian community. The reactions beg additional questions—

  • Why has this topic elicited such responses?
  • Why were Christians so thrown by seeing the videos?
  • What in the content is controversial?
  • What made the content so appealing that Politico and the Associated Press felt compelled to research it?

The Great Disappearance represents one of Turning Point’s greatest outreaches, and the journey is far from over! The Great Disappearance is ongoing with four broadcasts still to be aired, the viral videos still in circulation, and the website still live. Dr. Jeremiah is committed to “continuing to reach those yearning for faith and hope.”

Dr. David Jeremiah is a renowned Bible teacher, New York Times bestselling author, and founder/host of Turning Point Broadcast Ministry. With 40 years of ministry and “just getting started,” his teaching has led to the creation of the Prophecy AcademyOVERCOMERAirship GenesisPassagesTV, Why the Nativity?, and PerhapsToday to name a few.

About Turning Point

Turning Point Ministries was founded in 1982 as the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. More than three decades later, with a multimedia network featuring radio, television, online programming, magazine, and books, Turning Point reaches people around the globe with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Turning Point is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization wholly supported by its patrons and not underwritten by any church or organization.

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