Author John Crawley Announces His New Novel, One Elephant Too Many

Author John Crawley’s 16th novel, One Elephant Too Many, weaves magic and law together to tell its compelling tale of the plight of the African Elephant. Available now online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart.

DALLAS, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Author John Crawley’s 16th novel, One Elephant Too Many, weaves magic and law together to tell its compelling tale of the plight of the African Elephant. Available now online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart.

The African Elephant population has decreased from roughly 5 million a century ago to just 415,000 today. It is dwindling every day. Some experts fear the African elephant has as little as four to five years left unless the mass genocide is halted. Between 2014 and 2018 it is estimated that elephant carcasses in Africa increased by almost 600 percent. While not all of these are a result of ruthless ivory poachers, a vast majority are. John Crawley’s 16th novel is a fantasy/legal thriller that tells the tale of one woman’s battle using both magic and the law to bring the plight of these elephants to light.

Proceeds from Crawley’s new novel will benefit Elephant Havens, whose mission is to protect and preserve the African elephant:

One Elephant Too Many Synopsis

Myra Hunter, a very polished, but very young black lawyer right out of NYU Law School is at the center of Crawley’s new novel. Recently hired by the Global Justice Project, she is sent to The World Court in The Hague to represent the elephant species in a legal fight against African poachers. As her first assignment becomes a legal crusade to halt the deadly practice of slaughtering elephants for their ivory, magic enters the picture: Watching over her are a witch and two bumbling warlocks, just earning their degrees in the dark arts.

One Elephant Too Many is the story of the disappearing herds of Africa’s elephants at the hands of ruthless, unscrupulous businesses and greedy governments involved in the harvesting of blood ivory. They will do anything within their power, including employing deadly mercenaries, to protect their right to slay the elephants, harvest their ivory, and then sell it into both open and black markets in Asia and America. It is a practice that threatens the very existence of these mighty beasts.

In the novel, Myra Hunter is assisted by Mary Agnes of Wintergarden, a witch. Crawley says, “Well, not fully a witch; she didn’t finish her final exams before the Grand Council of Magic Arts prior to being sent out on a special assignment to protect Myra.”

Crawley adds, “This legal/fantasy thriller is about the rights of a species to exist on this planet using the same set of laws that protect the victims of atrocities in human war. It is also about believing in the truth, and allowing love to overcome fear, prejudice, and the darkness of evil.

“It is also about how to make a pretty damn good magic wand.”

About John Crawley

John Crawley is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to penning his numerous novels, he built a thirty-year career in advertising, specializing in TV and Radio and helped build dozens of national brands. He has taught creative writing and advertising at East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce), TCU, as well as guest lectured at The University of Texas at Austin, North Texas University, SMU and LaVerne University in California.

One Elephant Too Many is John Crawley’s 16th novel. He has won Shelf Magazine’s Top 100 awards three times – for Stuff, a story of a man’s life, told by what he takes from his home as he escapes from an impending wildfire; Letters From Paris, a saga of Clare de Fontroy, a black poet, journalist and essayist (and part-time jazz singer) writing to John dos Passos about the changing nature of Europe and the world, even as the shadow of Hitler casts its dark cloud over Paris; and finally, The End, a tale of a woman wishing to choose death over life while confronting a horrid disease, which is slowly killing her– the only person standing in her way, is her brother: a Catholic priest. John also wrote the award-winning story, Man on the Grassy Knoll, a fictional interview with Raul Salazar, the second shooter on the day of the Kennedy assassination.

John is an award-winning photographer, an avid cook, as well as a guitar and mandolin picker. He occasionally finds time to fly-fish and to ride his bicycles. John is married with three grown children and somewhere around his house, a cat.

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