Announcing the Winners of the 2023 "IndieReader Discovery Awards"

The Winners of the 12th Annual Awards Are Revealed

MONTCLAIR, N.J., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —  Today the winners of the 12th annual “IndieReader Discovery Awards” (IRDAs) were announced virtually to consumers and international media.

IndieReader created the IRDAs to give indie authors access to people who can make a difference in their book’s success. Says Amy Edelman, founder of IndieReader, “With the rush by traditional publishers to sign them and their noteworthy bestselling status, there’s no longer much doubt that indie authors can be both commercially and creatively successful. All that was left to do was create a credible vehicle by which to find them. That’s where the IRDAs come in.”

While writing a great book is the first step, getting it in front of the right people—be they readers or agents—is also a critical part of making an indie book a success. To that end, judges on the IRDA panel include PR and publishing professionals, editors, book designers, professional reviewers and more. Winners will have their titles submitted to Dystel, Goderich & Bourret for representation consideration.

Judging is based on the quality of writing, editing and the originality of the story. This year’s sponsors included Reedsy, Smith Publicity and NY-based literary agents Dystel, Goderich & Bourret,

There was a first, second and third place winner for fiction and non-fiction categories, 52 category winners and two winners each for BEST FIRST BOOK and BEST COVER DESIGN (for fiction and non-fiction).

The winners, judges, the genre and the authors contact information follows below.


First Place

Jeff Lanier /For the Minds and Wills of Men

Genre: Historical Fiction

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Second Place

Tom Pearson / Still, the Sky

Genre: Poetry

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Third Place

Danielle M. Wong/ Last Liar Standing

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Contact: mailto:[email protected]


First Place

Christopher Nelson/The C.R. Patterson and Sons Company

Genres: History, Biography

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Second Place

Adira James/ What They Couldn’t Take

Genres: Inspirational/Spiritual, Memoir

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Third Place

LaNysha T. Adams/ Me Power

Genre: Self-Help

Contact: mailto:[email protected]


Best First Book (Fiction) – Lynda Wolters/ The Placeholder

Best First Book (Non-Fiction) – Liza Laird/ Yoga of Yarn: A Knitter’s Handbook for Self-Discovery

Best Book Cover (Fiction) – Susan Kraus/ When We Lost Touch

Best Book Cover (Non-Fiction) – K. C. Sanford/Storked!

Action/Adventure – Pete Clements/The Latitude

Aging/Death & Dying – Jason Fisher/To Where You Are

Anthology – Leah Parker et al/Letters to a Future Nurse

AUDIO BOOK (Historical Fiction) – Sean Mahoney/Fenian’s Trace

Biography – Anne K Howard/Escape from Mariupol: A Survivor’s True Story

Business – Harvey Goldstein/Business Finance Was Never This Easy

Chick Lit – Amanda Quisenberry/The Accidental Virgin

Children’s (Board books and Pre-reading) – T.I. Frazier/Lauren The Cow

Children’s (Early to intermediate readers) – Amy Flanagan/Mrs. R. Snugglesworth, Attorney-at-Law

Children’s (Early to intermediate readers) – Heather Vina/Augie the Therapy Doggie

Coming of Age – Tyler Beauchamp/Freeze Frame

Dark Fantasy – Liv Strom/The Last Spiritwalker

Education – David D. Moon/Carbon Dating, Cold Fusion, and a Curve Ball

Entertaining – C.J. English/ Rescue Matters

Environment – Jeff Golden/ Reclaiming the Sacred

Fantasy – Darius Ebrahimi/ Till Myth Do Us Part

Finance/Investment/Economics – V. Thomas George/ Health in Flames

Gift/Holiday/Specialty – Michelle E. Villalobos/But I Want To Fly

Graphic Novel – Alex Grand & Joshua S. Berman/ Hashman

Health/Medicine/Nutrition – Lucas Ramirez/ Simplify Your Health

Historical Fiction (tie) – Monica Brillhart / The Rape of Persephone

Historical Fiction (tie) – Juhi Ray/ The Final Puzzle

Home & Garden – Romana King/ House Poor No More

Horror – John Gray/ The Desecrated

Humor (Fiction) – T.L. Bequette/ Blood Perfect

Inspirational/Spiritual – Lorraine Nilon/ Spirituality, Evolution & Awakened Consciousness

Kids – Melanie Joy Mezzancello/Love Snaggs: A Little Dog’s Courageous Journey

LGBTQ+ (Fiction) – Rob Loveless/ Eleftheria

LGBTQ+ (Non Fiction) – Craig Greiwe/ Chasing Normal

Literary Fiction – Ed Davis/ The Last Professional

Memoir (tie)- Ashe and Magdalena Stevens/ Lost in Beirut

Memoir (tie)- Kristine McGuire/ Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Middle Grade – Elizabeth M Grieco/ Paws in Paris

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller – Courtney Lochner/ The French House

New Adult – Lloyd Raleigh/ Welcome to the Free World

Paranormal – MC Hunton/ Resurrection

Parenting (Child Care/Family) – Anya Dunham, PhD/ Baby Ecology

Photography – David R. Day, BoiseDev/Boise: City of Trees

Poetry (Non-Fiction) – Sabrina Simon/Violet

Politics/Current Events – David J. Stewart/ A Short Primer on Why Cancer Still Sucks

Popular Fiction – Karen E. Osborne/ Reckonings

Psychology/Mental Health – Michael J. Scholtes/ Darkwater

Religion – Susan R. Dolan/ Mass Confusion

Romance – Reenita M. Hora/ Operation Mom – My Plan to Get my Mother a Life & a Man

Science Fiction – JJ Cook, AJ Cook, MD/ Percivious Origins

Self-Help – Sandy Gerber/ Emotional Magnetism

Sexuality/Relationships – Cristen Dalessandro/ Intimate Inequalities

Short Stories (Fiction) – Barbara Black/ Music from a Strange Planet

Sports/Fitness/Recreation – Alan Corcoran/ Marathon Man

Travel – Mary Anne Mercer/ Beyond the Next Village

True Crime – Alex Cody Foster/The Man Who Hacked the World

Women’s Fiction – Linda Hughes/ The Burly-Q Girls: The 6

Women’s Issues- Deborah K Irving/ Dear White Woman, Please Come Home

Young Adult (Fiction)– Dani Hall/ A Cage for Angels

Young Adult (Non-Fiction) – Natalie Grand/Cult Girls



The top 6 winning titles will be submitted to Dystel, Goderich & Bourret for representation consideration

IRDA Winning Authors

A.S. Drayton, 2022 Winner for Are You Okay?: The Carryover of Kindness

Lilianne Milgrom, 2021 Winner for L’Origine

Vivian M. Lumbard, 2021 Winner for Outside Looking In


Felicia Bengtsson, Head of Community, REEDSY Discovery

Photographers (judged cover design category)


Mike Denora, PM IMAGES



Sandra Smith, President, SMITH PUBLICITY

Thanks to our 2023 SPONSORS

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

Smith Publicity



Media Contact

Amy Edelman, IndieReader, 1 9738655368, [email protected]


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