CINCINNATI, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Andrew Kennedy’s book: Religion | A Lifelong Con Job on the Gullible Masses, is now available on Amazon or his website: OUR SOCIETY IS CHANGING. People don’t need religion. Religion needs people. Religiously unaffiliated people have been growing as a share of all Americans for some time. Pew Research Center’s recent and massive Religious Landscape Study makes clear just how quickly this is happening, and also shows that the trend is occurring within a variety of demographic groups. Across genders, generations, and racial and ethnic groups to name a few. Because we no longer need religion, in this book, I explore what we as a society can do about it. I also explore what is behind enormous shift. There is no kind way to say that people who are religious have devoted their life to delusional fantasies. If you give an automatic reoccurring gift to a religious organization, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to cancel it now. What are you waiting for? Let’s stop giving our money to these con artists. Religion takes advantage of the generosity of the gullible. That deeply uncomfortable feeling many religious people may have while reading this has a name. It’s called cognitive dissonance. And it happens when someone’s deeply held beliefs are challenged. It’s what stops people from examining their beliefs logically. It’s what keeps people from careful consideration of the opposing view. It’s what keeps people from asking questions and examining sources that can potentially lead them away from those “safe” beliefs. Protecting your worldview is important to your subconscious because it’s easier to continue to believe a lie than it is to rebuild from the ground up.


“You don’t need to conform to the religious beliefs of those around you in order to be loved, to love others, to be a great champion for your community, or to feel complete and overwhelming peace and acceptance for yourself and others. It is all inside you. Religion cannot give that to you. An imaginary God in your head cannot give that to you. Buying lots of stuff cannot give that to you. Not even the person of your dreams can give that to you. Only you can give that to yourself.” –Andrew Kennedy


Andrew is passionate about his community and enjoys following Cincinnati news, politics, events, and local sports. Before the pandemic, Andrew enjoyed being a volunteer at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He also enjoys capturing local running events on video for runners to see themselves via his first start-up business AKRC™ (Andrew Kennedy Race Capturing).

He loves being a father, running, lifting weights, writing, bowling, beekeeping, and helping his daughters raise their two rabbits, Thumper and Bumper. Andrew is the owner of FREE PASS® LLC. He enjoys selling the books and novelty bookmark cards he creates online as a part-time small business venture. Andrew is also a member of the Cincinnati Metro Chapter of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

After a college internship at WCPO in Cincinnati, OH, Andrew became a news reporter. He worked at KNDO News in Yakima, WA and WEHT News in Evansville, IN. From 2007-2021, Andrew was an employee of Total Quality Logistics in Cincinnati, OH specializing in sales and marketing. He is also a professional truck driver.

In addition to having a commercial driver’s license, Andrew has a license to operate motorcycles. Andrew also proudly has a license to carry concealed handguns and loves to practice shooting at the range with friends.

Andrew is the author of the book: Religion | A Lifelong Con Job on the Gullible Masses. In 2021, Andrew ran for Cincinnati City Council as an independent. Although he lost, he plans to run for an office again in the future.

If you want help getting out of your religion but don’t know where to turn, you can reach out to me or research a number of other organizations that can help you.

Andrew Kennedy,

Phone: 513.374.8610

Email: [email protected]

Website: |


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