Acclaimed Novel "The Voyage: Part I" Now Available as an Audio Book

Robert Vincent’s historical drama delivers the perfect escape into horror and fantasy

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author Robert Vincent’s acclaimed novel “The Voyage: Part I” (Archway Publishing, Simon & Schuster) is now available as an audio book. With gripping elements of horror and fantasy, it’s the perfect experience this Halloween season. The story focuses on a young sailor who becomes involved in a world of treachery and supernatural forces.

“The Voyage” is set in 1832 as the USS Hayes sails the Indian Ocean, guided by its lord and master, Captain Gellins. During the voyage, a shipmate is wrongly accused of stealing and faces the lash. Yet he is just one of many who have been accused of false charges: others who have already met their end at the gratings or the yardarm; all from the lies supplied to the captain by a mysterious shipmate named Penderghast. But when three sailors go missing, the rest of the crew wonders just who is now captaining the ship. Has Penderghast’s power somehow reached beyond simply having the captain’s ear? Who can tell what will happen if certain other shipmates take the law into their own hands to try and rid the ship of this strange and dangerous character?

The audio book narrator delivers a compelling backdrop that lets the listener fall into this maritime world of days gone by. The story’s high seas tension, mysterious characters, and enthralling action come alive with Melville-meets-Lovecraft verve and elegant prose in the style of 19th century literature. A modern spin on the beautiful novels of the past, “The Voyage: Part I” is an ideal page-turning thriller for any time of year, and especially for imagination-filled Halloween.

“I used the backdrop of historical fiction to create an adventure that dives into topics like justice, revenge, and deception that are just as relevant in today’s world,” notes Vincent. “These sea dogs are surviving the drama of 19th century sailing, but their humanity and personal struggles are what we experience in our modern world.”

About Robert Vincent

Robert Vincent is the author of several screenplays, novels, and dramatic works. He is also the writer and illustrator of a children’s book. Robert and his wife, Kathy, live in Los Angeles California.


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