A New Hypothesis to Unify the Big Bang Theory with the Evolutionary Theory, An Important Step in Addressing the Most Fundamental Issue – a Theory of Everything

SYDNEY, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A significant step in understanding the nature has been made with the recent publishing of a book by Gavin Huang, Behind Civilization (3rd. edition), subtitle: the fundamental rules in the universe. In this new edition, a hypothesis is put forward for the first time to unify the Big Bang theory and the evolutionary theory by showing both events following the same set of fundamental laws of physics. This is because the evolution of life is a part of the evolution of the universe. Similarly, the evolution of multicellular organisms, social evolution (civilization), development of the human body, and human technological development are all a part of the evolution of life. Thus, they all follow the same set of rules that all life follows and, at the fundamental level, the interrelationships that the Big Bang follows. Therefore, all these events express fundamental similarities.

Following these interrelationships, medical sciences, evolutionary biology and fundamental laws of physics are used to analyze civilization: from how the anatomical structures and functions of a neural system evolve/develop, people can comprehensively understand and predict the development of the information revolution; from how the solid state of ice transforms into the liquid state of water due to the increase of kinetic energy of individual molecules, people can understand and predict how the present society transforms into the future one due to individuals’ power increase brought by new technologies; from how unicellular organisms aggregate and evolve new rules to organise themselves, people can much better understand how human individuals aggregate to form societies and evolve new cultures to organise themselves in social evolution. With these methodologies, this book has answered many questions: why could the Greeks build such brilliant civilisations; why did the Scientific Revolution originate from the West rather than the East (Needham Question); why did the Chinese society remain in feudalism while the Western society had evolved into a higher level – industrialization and modern society; why did the Chinese civilisation fall from its ancient glory in the modern time but rapidly re-rise to a super power in the last few decades? Even the elusive nature of beauty is unmasked with the same methodology.


Ultimately, all these discussions in this edition have demonstrated that the Interrelationships Model has unified social science with natural science, and furthermore, science with philosophy. This is a further development from the previous edition to which the theoretical physicist, David Horgan, considers “a fascinating and thought-provoking book on social mechanics.” This is an important step in answering the most fundamental and intriguing question of all – a Theory of Everything.

This eBook is free and available on Amazon kindle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VGJFFGB 

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