Entrepreneur, Public Company CEO, and Philanthropist Parker H. "Pete" Petit Releases New Book "The Entrepreneur's Dilemma: Should I Take My Company Public?"

ATLANTA, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Parker H. “Pete” Petit, an experienced entrepreneur, public company CEO and philanthropist, announces the launch of his new book, “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Should I Take My Company Public?” This compelling first-person account chronicles Petit’s thrust into entrepreneurship by the crib death of his infant son. His response to this tragedy led him to the helm of five publicly traded companies over his career. This book also outlines the dramatic events that unfolded during Petit’s last tenure as CEO of MiMedx, the 5th fastest-growing public company in 2017, as ranked by Fortune Magazine.

In “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma,” Pete Petit offers a riveting narrative that delves deep into the challenges he faced while steering MiMedx through tumultuous times. The book provides a close look into Petit’s first hand dealings with short sellers and experience in handling an internal company coup. It further details the unprecedented challenges Petit encountered, including his indictment by the Department of Justice via the Southern District Court of New York. This legal battle, according to Petit, “clearly illustrated the unbalanced nature of today’s legal system.”

More than just a personal memoir, “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma” serves as a vital textbook for CEOs, their executive management and board of directors. Petit shares invaluable insights on how to prepare for, protect against and navigate the complexities of America’s “new” judicial system as a public company. His experiences and lessons learned are essential reading for anyone considering taking their company public or managing a public company.

“Writing this book was a cathartic experience and an opportunity to share the hard-earned wisdom I’ve gathered throughout my career,” said Petit. “I hope it serves as a guide for future entrepreneurs, business leaders and their shareholders to better navigate the unbalanced legal system faced by today’s public companies.”

“Pete” Petit had an illustrious career marked by significant achievements and contributions to the fields of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. As the founder and former CEO of Healthdyne, Matria Healthcare and three other subsidiaries, Petit led the development of innovative healthcare solutions, many of which propelled them into leadership roles within their sectors of healthcare. His leadership at MiMedx further exemplified his ability to drive rapid growth and innovation, making him a respected figure in the business community.

“The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Should I Take My Company Public?” is now available for purchase. To learn more and to order your copy, visit www.petepetit.com/book, the official website for the book.

About Parker H. “Pete” Petit

Parker H. “Pete” Petit is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and business leader with a distinguished career leading multiple, successful public companies, which span several decades. As the former CEO of MiMedx, he led the company to become the 5th fastest-growing public company in 2017, according to Fortune Magazine. Petit is also known for his philanthropic efforts, supporting various charitable causes and contributing to the advancement of healthcare solutions, college education and research.

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